Shame on me!! Sorry i've been quite busy with uni of late. I had a most random week....

Remember i mentioned the guy who kissed me at that random house party a few weeks ago? well he'd asked to meet me. We were meant to meet in the city but he had delays here and there...
But i met him at his place anyway. he said lunch and no "extra curricular" activities. just a friendly meet.
he lives in Kilimani. A place where i grew up with various houses and schools. It was really nice walking on a road i hadn't set fut on since i was 7 years old...

I walked and walked until i got to his place....and when i entered i was recieved with a very pleasant kiss. (oh oh) We sat, talked, ordered pizza, talked more and listened to music. We share similar taste when it comes to music, which shocked me because i know very few people that listen to Enya.
Now the interesting bit. He held me in his arms as we listened to music....It was such a nice feeling. Subconsciously i knew what might come next.

And it did. Sex. Torrid, tantric sex. my body needed it! I haven't been shagged since early december...
He did me so well...and had quite a package...screw that, the sex was good. It took me TOTALLY OFF GUARD!!! Not that i minded at that point....

He went quiet on me after that. It leaves me wondering, was he after sex or is he genuinely interested in me? I'll find out this week...

On a good note, i'm posting this from my laptop at uni...Yes, the IT guy, a certain short brother who can barely see above the steering wheel of the missions cars sorted it out. The IP addresses were not set. Apparently, this laptop seems to be made for automatic networks...where the WLAN just allows you to browse without a passkey. Here, we use secure networks which don't allow DCHP. So he fiddled with a few things and now it works. I'm quite pleased.

Lastly, i shan't be attending the gay party on the 4th. I'm just too tired, i'm broke and i really don't have motivation to go for it...I'll attend the next one..
until next time...

High and low

Shame on me. I haven't posted in quite a while...but for good reason.

I've been awfully busy of late. I have had assignments and term papers to do and events to attend...recently i went for this fashion show called glam up. Its normally held at the British council at a very nice place full of trees and officer called upper hill. I went with a very good friend of mine named comfort....she lives up to her name that very free around her! Also in attendance was a friend of mine. Lets not name him. He plays on my team i.e not straight, and he's very nice in both personality and looks...

So the fashion show. We sat next to a musician/model named Liz Ogumbo...that lady can really keep her age hidden! She sang a song with a friend of mine who's in a band called just a band. The song is called maro pa more. Its very nice. The show- my friend was the MC And some other friends were models. Yes i seem so bland compared with it was it was a good show! Loved the designs and the models...not bad. It was a saturday well spent...

After 3 weeks i finally got my laptop. An acer aspire one. Cute blue thing...lets call him praktikah. Why? Its the first name that came to mind. Sadly, it has issues. Bugs. It refused to bonda to the internet wirelessly at school. Crap... It shall be fixed.

One last thing. Guys in the dating scene seem to be scared of me. Is it because i expect too much or what? Ill review that soon..

More later...hopefully from praktikah. Its really demeaning having to post from a dirt cheap cell phone with a dying battery...

Saturday adventures


Random- –adjective
proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern: the random selection of numbers.
Statistics. of or characterizing a process of selection in which each item of a set has an equal probability of being chosen.
Building Trades.
(of building materials) lacking uniformity of dimensions: random shingles.
(of ashlar) laid without continuous courses.
constructed or applied without regularity: random bond.
Chiefly British.
bank 3 (def. 7b).
Building Trades. without uniformity: random-sized slates. —Idiom
at random, without definite aim, purpose, method, or adherence to a prior arrangement; in a haphazard way: Contestants were chosen at random from the studio audience." As defined by, what i write next should explain it.

I had a very interesting weekend. Well, lets say Saturday...

So i went to the city on my seemingly usual meetings with my friends...I got a call from tony, one of my few good friends, saying there might be a party later that day, so i should try get permition to go from my really protective mother. Shockingly i got it! I usually go through hell getting permition to go out at night. Why? I don't have a national ID. YET. Why? My birth Certificate's location is Unknown. Ok its in an office in the goverment somewhere...and getting it is proving difficult.

ANYWAY, i went to the city and met up with some friends of mine. the usual teenage thing. Went to a mall in westlands where one of my friends proved extravagance will not come at a price. (christ i wish i had money this month, identity has sales going on!) I know what to buy soon. Its tall, blue and holds alot of tea! A mug.

That evening, i went to tony and arthur's place. yes, we're two broke people randomly going for some house warming party in karen...and boy oh boy getting there was HARD!!! at night, the buses and matatus (informal transport) were either full or not available. so we take a tuk-tuk. A piaggio. Italian-Indian hybrid three wheeled vehicle. IT WAS FUN!! Imagine yourself in a rickshaw thing at 9pm on a very dark bumpy road... (added a photo of what it looks like)

so the party. First thing i noticed is that the host looks familiar. I know i've seen him somewhere before...then the house itselkf was beautiful! Such things drive me to become a successful person.The people i knew. Including a good friend of mine, ozee...There were some pretty good looking guys there as well! i didnt hit on anyone though..i was the youngest. the night was dedicated to making new friends, which i did!

It was abit naughty though. My rwandese friend was handcuffed by someone who is well endowed. When youi look at the person you would never tell. He wasscreaming in he says. There was a very occupied bathroom as well. HONESTLY when you wanna go pee and four times in a row the word "i'm busy comes out" from four different people at four different times with moans and groans in there, you know they're having more than just a leak. I got abit naughty myself by randomly making out with a very nice person! though he says i should contact him for a date i'm just not too sure....OOOO dancing! kinky dirty dancing. I should make that a hobby...i ended up dancing with two topless guys....the music was interesting...You will not catch me sitting down when lady gaga's just dance song is playing!

At 3am the cab guy comes and decides to accidentally lock his keys inside the car. didn't i laugh...It took two bleeding hours to get the door open! And so we left...i got home at 5.15am...and i was very pleased to see my bed.

Sunday was a day spent listening to music. Imade a mix disc and listened to it. the song "human" and "this is the worl we live in" by the killers made me burn the disc just to listen to it. My friend Ian came along later. He's one who has a most dramatic life. he said he wasn't sure about lots of things. I thank God i'm more focussed.

I'm thankful to be where i am today.


"Of late i seem to feeling down. i can't quite explain it but things just don't seem as lively as they used to."

THAT, is a sign of depression which i read on some random website. Unfortunately, i seem to be feeling the same way about things of late. I'm doiing my best to avoid a depression, infact i don't know why i've been feeling so down of late. Well, maybe its just things don't seem to be working of late, like my luck with guys. i keep wondering "wtf, why is everyone hooking up like there is no tomorrow?" Not only that, lady luck just doesn't seem to be on my side either (read the camera story) and Christ, why the hell is university getting outrageously hard???? I honestly refuse to believe that linear eqautions help with business management, i mean, how the bloody hell does finding "x" run a bleeding business????

Its amusing in a very sad way.

I'm looking for ways to make life seem more positive. Some pages online say is should exercise. (i'm slim enough, trust me) Some say eat healthy. (rice and prawn curry is a good thing). Yet i'm still abit under the weather. To be solved.

Lets hate people on facebook. its almost been two weeks since last i updated my status update. each time i put what i feel, all these comments varying from "omg you shouldn't do this and that" or "you need help". why do i feel like everyone is trying to run your life??? I hate that! i can't be moody on facebook now? The same people will expect you to comment when something sad like "i'm 58kgs omg i'm fat!" is updated.

I really wish i had a million pounds so that i could feed them. On that topic Nairobi university student who went on strike tuesday looted a mega mall food truck that had bread in it. they were eating them, live on camera, like savages. how uncouth...i pity anyone, my brother especially, who graduates from that university. I imagine that getting a job will be hard because of it's (the university) reputation.

Pray "it" arrives in the shops today. It would make life soooo much more productive. I actually prayed last night for that and a host of other things, including lifting this gloom away...lets pray it works.


You know, life has its tendencies to be so unusual, so unexpected, so....random. After selling the phone, i was getting ready to order the camera. Shock on me. My friend who orders things from ebay really let me down. I should have seen this coming a few weeks ago. I realized he's been rather evasive about the topic. He'd change the subject when i came round to asking about taxes on imports and things... To but a long story short i was politely told no. I was so sad, confused and upset! I just went home, to disgruntled to go anywhere...why get me all excited like that and not deliver in the end?

At least i got a cheap phone to use. Bought it off my classmate. That evening i saw a big advert for something, which i will announce when its actually in my hands. I dont want to jinx my luck. I'd Bitch about my so called friend but i dont want to linger on that topic. Lesson learned. I will never rely on anyone or anything ever again...

oh my...

My oh my aren't we going to have an interesting week...

I have two cats today: economics and business environment. Who in their right minds put these two on the same day? Unfortunately the lecturers. This week is on of those weeks where i'll be massively busy. I also have another exam tomorrow. Christ.

Sitted next to me, totally oblivious of this posting is a very tall, dark and handsome fellow. My classmate. He's nice to look at but has quite a conflicted personality. I tend to think he's not entirely straight. I'm not a derailer, i believe someone finds out their sexuality on their own...but this guy really is an enigma. He can be very nice at times then be very rude, and is always making randomly nasty jokes about me not being matter, i deal with such issues lightly. I've talked to my friends about this and they say he might be a confused one. He will "unconfuse" himself whenever.

The funniest thing happened on the news yesterday...The president and his wife made a press statement about the first family...i tend to think it was more of her idea. Sadly, half the men from his homeland tend to be womanizers and good liars. I will NOT be tribalist. not n this age and time... However that is the truth. Cold truth. it makes me believe that we have a very interesting government. Another thing, a book i was looking forward to get is not being sold here. The book i mentioned a while back called "Its our time to eat: Story of a kenyan whistle blower". Its a really good book judging from the exerpts the newspapers were printing...Book vendors are scared to sell it because they fear the worst will happen to their businesses...i don't blame them though...We have a rather touchy government.

Lastly, i'll have to give my brother back his phone because he wants it back before he goes back to uni...what on earth shall i use in the meantime? I'm even doubting whether i'll be able to order anything from abroad from a good friend...why? he seems abit off of late. Can't really explain...and on facebook, why are people so quiet? i know they're active because they post and comment on my other friends profiles, but when it comes to me its like i'm not there...this is being done by a select few. Even a close friend.No biggie though. I will be my own best friend.

More on that last statement soon.


videoMarch is here. At last. This month brings forth the rain in great amounts. Back in the day that is. Global warning has totally upset our rain patterns.

february seemed to be rather long, despite being the shortest month in the year. 28 days. So february saw a guy who nearly became mine. What happened? Well, he didnt live up to my expectations. Im going to be very frank here, he was totally below my life moves on...

i sold my smartphone. Yes to the most random buyer ever; to my good friends sister. You know i thought he referred her to me because i never gave her my number. Turns out she got it from a local website where i listed it...small world it is.

I can now buy my camera. Which brand? I'm yet to figure out....

im testing if the blogger video tool works. I've posted a very peculiar hamster video. Made me really smile!

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