Reasons why i won't slice:

I'm not going to 'slice' him... I just won't! Mmmh mmmh... No.

I've been giving it much thought, and i've decided i'll just let all this be. If he wants me he'll come. If he doesn't, well, too bad! Life moves on. I've refused to give in to my friends calls of slicing. Reasons why i won't do that:

1. It's just wrong. Its not right to rush someone to make a decision o whether they'd date you or leave their man/woman for you...

2. It would bring me too much homodrama! Imagine when sir laugh-alot catches wind of whats happening or is told he was left for me? Not cool.

3. I have class, respect for myself and others and their properties, and dignity! Typical bitches go and steal steal steal! I'm soooo not that... I will wait for him to decide whatever. I shan't go robbing people of their spouses. The image that is carried by such actions is not a good one! Not at all...

4. I believe in karma! Who happens to be a total bitch! Do something wrong to someone and something bad will happen to you. Twice as hard! Karma works like that.

5. Guilt? I wont lie, i will feel guilty if i snatched him from sir laugh-alot, who's a friend of mine. Friends don't do that to each other last time i checked. Its a terrible feeling too!

And finally,

6. If its meant to be it'll happen on its own accord. I leave him to make the necessary decisions. I will NOT influece him to take any action. Why? Humans have a free will to do as they like...

Time is a key variable here. They say good things happen to those that wait. Is there a there a time frame for him? None. I'm here, i'm not going anywhere, i'm not in a rush to get into a relationship, and i definately will not be someones side-dish. As much as ''the heart speaketh of what it desires'', sometimes those desires have to be denied! For image, moral and ethical purposes. The heart can be such a spoilled brat at times...

And life moves on...

|Am i dreaming-Kat Deluna|
Views expressed in this post are sincerly those of mine and not others! I think...

Flirt As defined by

–verb (used without object)
to court triflingly or act amorously without serious intentions; play at love; coquet.
to trifle or toy, as with an idea: She flirted with the notion of buying a sports car.
to move with a jerk or jerks; dart about: butterflies flirting from flower to flower.
–verb (used with object)
to give a sudden or brisk motion to; wave smartly, as a fan.
to throw or propel with a toss or jerk; fling suddenly.
Also, flirter. a person who is given to flirting.
a quick throw or toss; sudden jerk or darting motion.

I'm interested in number one...

I bring forth this topic because i take part in it, you take part in it, we ALL take part in, art? No...Activity? Science? I'd say art. The art of flirtation.
Who flirt more? Men or women? And my little society of queer Kenyans, who flirt more? Gay men or Lesbians? It's an interesting argument because it's sooo biased!
Now,why do we flirt? To impress? To Change the topic? To make someone smile? To rid tension? To arouse even? There are soooo many reasons why people flirt with one another. I do it to get one's attention. Just recently i told sir laugh-alot's boyfriend that "i liked the colour of his eyes, they're really striking..."and i had this pose of interest. I know thats the most unflattering line, but it certainly beats "You can't be real. May I pinch you to see if I'm dreaming?" (WHAT! aaaaahahahah!!! REALLY?) or "you must be a parking ticket because you have FINE written all over you!" (i would slap the person, no really, i would!) and many other nasty lines...
Some people love to flirt....Especially in bed. Sexual flirtation happens and it's rather kinky! Is it related to sexting? Yes! Sexting is the sending of sexual lines from one person to another. Naked photos and moans included. Imagine saying "oh just the other night [name] sexted me blah blah blah"? I tell you flirting is really evolving!

What is a serial flirt? This is someone who loves to flirt whether knowingly or unknowingly. In my case it's unknowingly...hehe. Anyhoo, serial flirts tend to be hilarious, well from my experience at least. Sometimes they can be downright perverse! Someone in school was told to "come we stir your s-kuma with my mwiko" (come we stir your vagina with my cooking stick/dick) Oh. My. Goodness. THAT, was so cheesy and sad yet perverted at the same time!!! I've heard worse... Sometimes serial flirts flirt until they get the person they bed with them. True story, my friend told me some guy used to fliiiirt with him, then after he, succumbed or was captivated by them and agreed to lala with the bloke, they guy stopped flirting with him and moved on to his next target (me) and failed! With a capital F! You do not tell cuppatea that he's more beautiful than prince! That's just wrong! AND my voice is not high pitched! And life moved on...

How to curb flirting? You shut up when you're talking to a pretty person! Or when they talk to you! Or, you talk about something dull. But if you can't resist and you think you might score? mmmh mmhh that wont work. Nasty things might happen afterwards! Some people are impervious to flirts! Lucky them... You can stop flirting but when you drink and get high,my goodness the flirts that don't roll of those tongues...Again, at a party early last year some guy looked at me and said i'm yummy like white chocolate and that he'd like to lick me! Ati nini? He was high! Higher than a plane! I laughed. VERY loudly! I never saw him after that...though it didn't help i was tipsy either...tihihi...

Compliments get mistaken for flirts. Like in a management skills class, i told the lecturer "i like your tie,its very nice..." which, to my amusement, sawhim blushing and saying "you know you don't say those things during a class hehe.." But i meant it in such an honest way...My goodness lecturers are dangerous people! I think he's bisexual. I did not mention anything about him since. Though he got extra friendly after be veeeeery careful about selecting the correct tone of voice when sending compliments. It might be mistranslated and disastrous results may occur!

so, debatable topic? I think so... In my opinion, Guys flirt more than women. Discuss. (30mks)

|I'm a flirt-R-Kelly|

Even more experiences

My weekend was random. I don't have much to say buuuuut these did happen:

I went shoe shopping even if i knew it would make me "financially restricted" until February.

Not only did a matatu i was in break down, twice, on my way to town on Saturday, but i had to walk all the way from smack in the middle of Uhuru highway on the bridge to the middle of town! In 28 degree heat!

I enjoy sir laugh-alot's boyfriend's company. Thats the reason i was going to town Saturday. I find him so... Nice. There is a familiar butterfly feeling in my belly each time i think about him... We're not involved with each other, i just enjoy his company. AND he has the most interesting eyes! Did i mention he's smart? I miss him already... this is where "never too much" by Luther Vandross cues in.

Ebu listen to this, people are telling me to "slice" sir laugh-alot's boyfriend! Infidelity in this city is high! Emo says "if there's chemistry between the two of you then go for it! oh wait, no,don't listen to me!" What about morals and dignity and ethics? "screw those.." I may or may not be thinking about it... What? Don't look at me like that, i'm also human! (slicing is the art of stealing someone's spouse/lover/date/whatever for personal gain)

Yeah thats about it... Where life is going from here, i have no clue. But i do look forward to finding out! Enjoy the week...

Today, i came to the city centre after class to look for a gift for mother dearest. Its her birthday today! She shares her birthday with ex-spice girl Emma Bunton, and musician Billy Ocean. Trust my elder siblings to leave the running around to me... So i got a nice card and very soon, after i finish this and my meal (yes im in THAT restaurant at the time of writing this) i'll go look for the main item, fabric paints.

My mum is fabulous! And tough. And strong. I've never seen her cry. Yes she puts me through hell sometimes but for good reason. She's got a few grey hairs but she still looks young compared with some of her friends. She's helped me get through many tough spots in my life... She's great fun too! I know it's not mothers day but really, i think she's all that!

So mother dearest, happy birthday! You may never read this post but know i love you very much! Continue being the fabulous mum that you are for many more years!

with much love,

Case of the ex. Or exes.

I've just come from one of those REALLY awkward weekends!

Thursday, i was busy replying stuff on fakebook, then i see something that i found interesting. I'm still friends with person y, and it says he's now ''in a relationship''! With whom? It didn't say. How did he find someone so fast? I was abit bothered. Then i realized i shouldn't. I asked my friend who's doing psychiatry what it meant. Her, being her awesome self said ''he'll be heart broken again in 3 months''. I'm sceptical but i'll keep check. Not that i'm wishing him ill or anything. God, i sound bitchy when i saying that...

So one of my best mates came back from malaysia and i went to visit him on friday. It was a luncheon and it was catching up time! I've heard funny stories from that place! Even watched abit of the vagina monologues... Everything was fine until D (remember him?) calls. You know his calls are starting to get abit frequent lately. Fabulous s was around and me i (yes i said ''me i'') didn't know what to do or say when he he picked up the phone and said the most simple thing: ''sorry cuppatea isn't available right now, he's in the shower. Would you call back in 10 minutes?''. He never called back. Yeah i know it was a bitchy thing to do (i'm such a bitch!) but i was given a very interesting theory here. ''you don't have to pick up every call. Screen them.'' the fabulous one said. ''isn't that abit mean?'' i asked. ''nope'' was the answer i got. I shan't contest it. Avec amis life can be simplified...

Saturday was diplomatic S's birthday (happy birthday!) and he'd have a small dinner get together thingie. No, no one was going home crawling, it was just dinner and (mostly) wine. K, big p, spec d, lesbian g, T, A, and myself were there. Again everything was fine until two people came! A very nice guy and his boyfriend. His boyfriend shocked me! Standing tall, behind him was someone who's so handsome, fun, nice, intelligent (alright nearly the perfect guy for me) and smart!

Otherwise known as my 2nd ever, almost perfect ex-boyfriend, the original ''mr man''.

My world was silent for a VERY Awkward 5 seconds! And then life resumed. ''wow, cuppatea, it's been a while!''. He said. Now, any normal person would be shocked! Not me though... I said a very lovely hi to him, and continued conversation with big p. Diplomatic s and big p were wondering why i looked suprised for abit. I texted big p saying the ex was in the room. The look on his face? Shocked! Then laughed. You know it wasn't that awkward until he sat next to me! (hmmm?) i was still minding my own business. Then he spies the cell phone and says ''i left you when you had a P910''..and the ice was broken. First of all there's no way i was going to behave wierdly. Why? Well, really why? So i explained how many others i went through before i landed on the samsung (which btw i want to eliminate and return to blackberry or windows mobile 6 later this year). Btw his boyfriend is a good friend to diplomatic s! And i think i only said like 5 sentences to him now that i realize it. I'll speak more to him if there's a next time! And then, ex goes say ''i've put on weight.''

i'll take that as a positive statement thank you.

I left after i finished my beer (i was the only person drinking beer in the presence of wines and spirits! Crude? I don't care) got home and slept. Or tried to. Insomnia's a bitch!

The next day, sunday, i lounged in my room. Since i didn't have assignments i watched ''007: golden eye'' in which despite aged effects was rather good, and some episodes of sex and the city season 2. Old is gold no?

Today i got to campus at ten past seven in the morning. Since my little blue guy's wireless is being a bitch i have walked around campus in this glorious morning sun writing this via cell. Feel the love.

|Good outweigh the bad-Elliot Yamin|

My life is average...

1 comments com is the name of a certain website that keeps me entertained on a daily basis. Americans and their wonderful sense of humour. Random moments that happen to them daily. It can be found here. So why is my life average? Well today, just an hour ago, an embarrassing moment turned into something enjoyable.

So in a certain restaurant, theres is your cuppatea sitting down with severely discoloured khakis, damp ones mind you. What just happened? Well, a whole tall glass of passion juice was spilled on me by my straight friend after we were hugging good bye! It spilt on me when i was sitting down, spilled on the lappie, spilled into my bag, spilled on to den den, and wow. It was awkward... and then really hilarious!!! Now i'm sitting down with my lappie's cable under my ass because its still damp, my crotch is still wet, and i think my boxers are discoloured too! So i laughed out loud... we all did!

And you know what? i just don' care! If anyone stops to ask me what happened, i'll say either
a) "I got prostate cancer and i can't control my bladder" (really at age 20?)
b) "My friend spilled juice on me after we were hugging goodbye! Yes really!"
c) "My girlfriend poured juice on me after she found ouut i cheated on her!" (WHAT! LOL! ah ah! i'm queer!)
d) "i do not know what you're talking about."


e) "meh?" (when you have absolutely have no idea what to say at all)

I don't go looking for drama, drama finds me! Enjoy Thursday!

|Hide and seek-Imogen Heap|

Thoughts collected

Do not blog and drink, you may post random thoughts!

I just read my previous post, its highly entertaining! To me at least. I was at the artcaffe with T and we were having wine.. And i had my little blue guy with me. Nevertheless wine extracted interesting thoughts, i surprise myself! Driving barefoot? Really? I mean there more important issues out there and i wrote about driving barefoot? I hear its fun though hihi...

I also saw that i wrote about sir laugh-alot's boyfriend... Ahem. (*blush blush* don't judge me!) The guy is hot! And nice! Smart too. Though It's VERY wrong to go after someone's partner. I've made it clear that i have zero intentions of chasing after someone i can't have, despite the saying ''if you want something in life you go and grab it''! Now i was told something interesting (yes i consulted the legion of awesome older friends and young ones alike) and i got mixed answers about the issue. I used a hypothetical theory of two girls and a boyfriend. Then after listening to their thoughts about it, i told them to replace them with me, sir laugh-alot and his guy. M said he thought it was bitchy of girl A (i.e me) to even think of the lad. (it is when you think about it) He said i should see where it goes. Lots of people did too. (Amazing how many people approve of romance affairs) Small p said the same. T said no, don't let things go any further. But, my friend who's studying to be a psychiatrist says it will lead to an affair which will see someone getting hurt. Which is true. I don't want that to happen. Funny thing is this guy said he'd date me if it weren't for the current circumstances. Now any bitch would go and break them up! Not me though... I do not want homodrama this early in the year. And its just wrong. I have seen, in this gay society of ours here, people breaking each other up by spreading nasty rumors about people's boyfriends and wanting the men to themselves which then leads to a break up two weeks later. And the cycle continues.

Sometimes life is unfair. This is one of those times. I will, how do ladies say, ''get over this one''....even if its difficult. I'll just stay friends with him. Where's the harm in that?

I'm still clueless about my future career. (why am i making a big deal out of this? Some things are not meant to be random. This is one of them!)

Pater, imagine a cop pulling you over and asking you to get out of the car, and your viatuz (shoes) are in the back. Wouldn't stepping outta the vehicle be awkward? Barefooted and all? I know ladies drive barefoot because of their high heeled shoes... My classmate claims its fun. I'm yet to find out! I will soon though... Do YOU drive barefoot?

OH, HE LIKES ARTFORMS TOO!! Sigh... The good ones are always taken...

|i'm not going to miss out on the goodstuff---->good stuff-shakira|

A bowl of thought

This is a post thats just full of random thoughts...

Sir laugh-alot's boyfriend is fun and good looking and rare! I want but can't have. And i really need to rethink what i want in a guy. Why is it so easy for humans to interact and like others? Hell.

Why the heck was i bothered about going back to school? I went to register for the new semester and i was greeting my lecturers "heeey happy new year!" and totally getting away with it. I didn't realize i was greeting them that way until my schoolmate pointed it out.

On that topic of school this semester will still have lots of math! I hope i pass it. I've been lacking focus as to what i should do... I'm thinking a jack of all trades? hmmm... I'm going around asking older friends what the fields they work in are like. Pray i decide what to specialize in soon. Its not time to pick out my major but it would be good if i knew and prepared for it.

I saw this gay movie called shelter. I thought it was the first decent gay film that actually was realistic! Go watch it! It's really nice..

Back to the issue of sir laugh-alot's boyfriend...I wrote about affairs last year, friends seem to think it might lead to the nasty road that is an affair where everyone ends up hurt. I don't want it to lead to that.... I should just insist on being friends. Infact i will, i don't want homodrama! (Haiku wipe that smile of your face nothing will happen)  Besides, I've only met him twice. My email inbox might have a veeeeery long conversation with me and him chatting.... OKAY wait i'll sleep on the issue. Or someone advice me? I cannot believe this is happening... Thou shall not lust after another's boyfriend...

Is driving barefoot really that fun? I got a ride from a schoolmate and i was wondering why his shoes were in the back. Arriving on campus i realized why... Just a curious thought.

|Sugar-Flo Rida ft Wynter|

operation "sneak the young one out" : Happy new year 2010!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Or is it Happy new decade? Both! So my last post of last decade/last year mentioned that i was sneaking out right? Was it a success?

Well, i got home from cooking at A & T's place, and i was praying that mother dearest was tired and drinking wine or something to speed up the falling asleep process. See, there was no way i was staying home on new years eve when all the people i know are out! Arrangements to sneak me out were made. With me as the planner hehe... Luckily, she was. I sat and we had a chat. She's like "i'll have a few beers then i go sleep". (NO! sleep now?) I was thinking "oh my, this may take a while..." but she eventually went to bed at 9.30pm. 3 and a half fours to new years countdown! She reads a novel before sleeping. SO from under her door i could see her reading light was on. I went to bed. Yes, to rest. And to put my small cousin to sleep too. Afterwards i went into the living room to watch whatever. Oh the ayah was in on the plan as well! She's interesting. I found her watching a tacky Nigerian movie about a girl who was using witchcraft to kill her friends in the house they were staying in because her necklace was bewitched or something... It was one hilarious movie, ESPECIALLY when the monster came! I could even see the actor behind the mask haha! I kept checking to see if the light was off. Meanwhile i was dressing up. At 10.20pm the light went off (AT LAST!!!) And then i made a call...

I left when A called me. He was with a friend of ours, K, outside the back gate of my estate. and he says the gate was closed. Oh shit.... The minute i get there i see the night watchman and another guy. The gate is closed. Now i ask why it's closed the man starts belting on and on about what time the gate closes (WHAT!) and how he's never seen me (i never venture out at late hours?) and what my house number is, name, tribe (ok, REALLY?) and many other irrelevant things. First of all, this was my first time sneaking out. I was NOT about to be stopped. Secondly, to protect my arse from being busted, i sort of lied...these watchmen can snitch! My neighbour was busted a while back after the watchman asked why the mum didn't go for an evening service with the daughter. Anyway i said a different house number, and shortened my name. I was soooo about to panic when he opened the gate (finally!) I literally ran out. By the way he smelled of booze. And if he wanted cash i wouldn't give him any. Not that i had any in the first place.... Anyhoo i ran out...and some of us won't be using that gate in a while... So i met up with them. They had such gleeful grins... Mind you i was a nervous wreck! I've never done anything this illegal... But boy oh boy it was thrilling! Ok in my family its illegal to sneak out. My sister used to do it all the time though and she was never caught! So i followed suit. We walked to the bus stop. I noticed how vibrant the air was that night, and people were smiling...the night was bright. This is rare, i've only ever seen the clouds coloured yellow because of lights once before, which means EVERYONE is out! We get to A & T's place where i find A on the couch with big p, s, diplomatic s, and this noisy fellow who helped shop earlier that day. Sir laugh-alot. He was in fits of laughter when i got in, signs of a high person... I see bottles of wine were already opened! And punch. My suggestion for apple punch (apple juice, brandy and sliced fruits) was greatly favoured! None remained. A had made apple vodka which i sooo avoided.. T was ill. Oh no.. Its sad that one falls i on such an occasion. So that night stories flowed... Until 5 past midnight! OMG we talked our way into the new year!! We heard distant rumblings of people shouting happy new year, fireworks and crackers....
2010 was finally here!
I rushed to the balcony and at the top of my lungs i yelled "happy new year people!". Now i thought everyone in that estate was asleep! clearly not, because some kid shouted back "happy new year too you too!" which totally made my evening! Big p and i were still at the balcony admiring the fireworks! I did not hear the trains blare their horns.. Back indoors people resumed chat. There was abit of dancing in which k and diplomatic s indulged in, i was just sitted there. I was feeling tired but content. And there was that six pack of beer that was bought just for me because i didn't fancy gin or anything that had a high percentage of alcohol... Still got high though! i nearly finished that whole six pack by the time i was leaving ( 5 and half cans...) S had gone at around 2am, i left at around 4am. A walked me all the way to my estates gate because the matatus that were coming were all full. This is where staggering begun. When you've been drinking and sitting then you walk a distance thats when the highness settles in! I can therefore say i cannot remember how i got into the house. All i know is i got in bed!

"You made such a racket when you came in its amazing that mum didn't hear a thing..." said my brother. It was 1pm. And apparently my relatives were coming over. Waking up i'm still dizzy and seeing double. This could only mean one thing, the fact that i didn't eat at the get together and just drank meant that i'd wake up high! YES! I was still high and i wasn't amused! Oh my goodness it was hilarious actually, because the statements i was lashing out were very blonde or just didn't make sense! Hard to believe i got away with it... At 3pm when we had the new years lunch i went to seek refuge in my brothers room. I was soooo sleepy and the highness had worn off, leaving the hangover to come and torture me. It wasn't too bad! The whole afternoon i was just chatting with my cousins and listened to music. When they left i ran straight into my bed. I would only surface for dinner then return. I just told my mum that i wanted to relax (mmmh hmmmm she surely knew something's up, i said i had insomnia the previous night) which i did! Then i tried to sleep which proved difficult. Lately i've been having insomnia! So on January 1st 2010 i woke up high. Wow.
The 2nd, yesterday, saw me still indoors watching stuff like "don't mess with the zohan" (Jesus Christ i nearly bust a rib laughing out loud!) and this B-list movie called moola. Its abit funny. The Simpson were visited as well. It was a pretty dull Saturday! same applies for today.

I most certainly hope this year will be a good one!

|for a moment your eyes open & you know---> Your Eyes Open-Keane|
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