Chicken noodles & why i'm not ready: Ending September

I was having chicken noodles when i was posting this. I like noodles! I was hungry. Those cook in 2 minute ones are a life saver! Meh!

"cuppatea, can i hook you up with someone?"

This is the question i was asked recently. Admittedly, a number of guys have asked me out recently...!
How do i feel about about this? Well... i still don't know what i want. Sure these guys are good guys, infact one of them just amazing (shame he lives far away) but right now, i still feel like i don't know what i want...

I want to date someone with me having a sound mind! I'm still (very) afraid of getting my heart broken or breaking someone's heart. I want to be able to trust a guy again. I want to feel without doubt, i want to love!
But starting all over again in my current state might mess things up again and i just don't want to go through all that again. I wouldn't want to date a friend whom i've gotten to know really well, what happens if things go wrong? Would things be the same? From what i've learned, the answer from my perspective is no.
Sure long distance relations work, but no with everybody. If i had to date someone living abroad currently, it would be terribly difficult, the traveling, the missing the brooding over them. Sure there's communications, but for me that's not enough. I would want to date someone whom i can see even at the most random times...

But not right now. I'm totally over that person. Though there's days i miss him. But i'm definitely over him.

"aren't there days you want a boyfriend?"

Well, yes and no. Sometimes i see couples walking or friends talking about their significant others and it makes me think "okay i wish i had one right now" then i remember what i went through recently and then my mind changes. See? I'm very not certain of what i want right now.

And then some thought, it's come to my attention that The guys have seen have never asked me out directly, it's always "when can we meet?" Which always leaves you wondering if it's a friendly or a date. Why can't they ever ask "may i please take you out" or "would you care to go on a date with me?" This is not a kettle calling the tea pot black. I've asked guys out on dates! I get turned down sometimes. Some have said yes. Look what happened. I have a history of men like a well driven Maserati!

I'm not saying i'll be single forever, but at the moment... i'm not ready to rise again. LOL ok that last line was sooooo stolen from "rise" by Gabrielle... Anyway, the month of September has come to an end. No, "wake me up when September ends" by Greenday isn't the song i choose to conclude this with either. "September" by Kirk Franklin will do...

homophobiette: the female homophobic

So this girl in school stops me as i walk on to do an assessment.
"Hey, you have any gay friends?"
Why are you asking me this? (that is such a mexican telenovela line)
"Ah, just answer, yes or no? i'm planning on throwing a party for them" she replied.
Ummmmm, yes. (upon closer inspection she does look like a lesbian)
I'm actually going to do an exam can i talk to you later?
"cool, see me later we'll talk about this".

I went to class shocked. See, no one asks me such questions in my ever so religious campus! Everyone's just like "don't ask but we'll tell anyway". So i met up with her today. The above conversation happened yesterday.

She's not even a lesbian! She's straight. But "open minded". Why do i quote that? Read on...

We walk around talking. She tells me she went to find herself by travelling the globe by going to random continents. She used to be a homophobic person! But after her travels she accepted "people like me". She still thinks that i'm a sinner (cough cough, ati nini?) etc etc but she's cool with that. She said all sins are equal. I'm growing more and more appalled but i'm calm. She says something about chemicals being imbalanced and that gays can be "corrected". Furthermore, she said that being gay is a choice! A choice!!! I tried to mention that really, we're born this way and it's genetic, but she seems stuck to the idea of it being a choice with options of terminating it. Interesting...
She also said alot of people in our campus know that i'm gay.
Oh, was the word i spoke.
"yeah they're always talking about you and shit but really, people are scared of what they don't know" she said.
It's true. People are scared of things, ideologies and the like that they don't know about. That i'll agree with her.
Then she goes on to say how the story about Sodom and Gomorrah is in all religious texts like the Bible, Quaran, Ghita etc. I just let her ramble but eventually, she said, "gays are equal too." ahaaaa....

Really, need i school people about homosexuality? It is NEVER a choice! We are born like this! "Corrective hormonal pills" are just an insolent form of torture one can give to themselves, that has awful effects in the long run. I do not want to end up having personality issues because my hormones are dead or imbalanced! And no amount of organized religion will scare me into conforming with what society "expects" from me. Why would you want to live your life as a lie? I know i can't. This girl is partially or still homophobic. What she's doing is tolerating. She's not accepted that there's a whole lot more into homosexuality...
I'm not really affected by her thoughts, except the guys in campus being gossipers one, which really i've tolerating. As long as they don't bother me personally face to face i will cope.

"Disorder"....  Goodness what a laugh!

Why i've been busy

'sup good people!

I've been busy...Ok that's not a good reason, mobile posting could have been done but the device i currently use has the WORST keyboard i've ever used! Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaame! But even then, i still couldn't post. There's been reading for my assessment tests, Chubaka's grad luncheon, Concours d'elegance, catching up with friends and many other activities that may or may not be related.

Okay let's see.... I went to catch up with small p and M on Friday afternoon. Nowadays our schedules are so busy we even have to skive class to see each other! So, We met at java and chatted. I had my long lost cappuccino and a very delicious apple cinnamon cake! Om nom nom... The usual conversations flowed. We seem to talk on fakebook more which really has me amused at the power of social networking.

Saturday was my elder brother's graduation luncheon! Alot of people would be in attendance...So special this event was that some relatives even flew in from across oceans to celebrate! He's the first of us watoto's of Churchill to have a degree. In a difficult field. That's not generic. Anyway, this lunch was quite the event! I'd invited A to attend, as i did some girlfriend of mine and my gate crashing neighbour who kept me giggling all evening long! So, once more everyone, and i mean EVERYONE, got high!!! There were like 7 crates of booze, enough wine and food to keep everyone happy! One of our family friends who is a PRO at drinking just won, because not only was she supplying the wine, this mama finished nearly 5 bottles of wine by evening's end! And she''s HILARIOUS! Thatcher had me running up and down serving and checking up on everyone. by evening i was tired! And she was high as well. Then she says ati "i'm disappointing her" because i was drunk and i was trying to help out with something! This has produced an indignant mood from me to her. REALLY MUM? I helped you cook, even minded and played with the little monsters that are your friends children and that's the frigging thanks i get? Wow.
Okay, at this event, there was no way i was even about to behave differently. Infact, i'm quite surprised that my family STILL has no idea i'm gay! What, y'all need a rainbow coloured banner? In my state of being intoxicated, i might have accidentally flirted with some...guys! They didn't mind. I tell you, Nairobi men have become a running joke! Anyway. I mysteriously blacked out, in my jammies, of which i've got NO IDEA how i got on! I lost count after my 6th bottle of beer. Really, i'd say i earned it... Was that a dancing skunk i saw prancing around the room? And then sleep came!

Oooooh my goooodness my body felt like a someone run me over with a series of freight trains! And there was snoring next to my ear. Who's this now sounding like a KTM? My uncle. Oh look i'm in the sitting room on the floor on a mattress! I was drunk! The room was still spinning and i was belching beer. Black out again.
8am, i'm up with my body feeling like an elephant stomped on me! Oooowww.... My snoring uncle was awake and having tea, whilst conversing with my others. What's this?
"Look how drunk you got!" one said, "we're going to see old cars" he said.
"ghai" i replied.
I had an exam to read for! Who's gonna do Lagrangian economics for me? They said we'd be back by 3pm.
I felt worse when i stood up! Little dog hadn't helped things by hogging half the mattress... anyway i had to go shower. We set off for the event. I think it needs a dedicated post. I've got some photos from it.

So we got back home, bid them goodbye and then i blacked out again! I was very tired! I didn't even read much. Eat, shower, sleep!

Today was just AWFUL! I had not one, two assessments! CATS! Pakas! One lecturer surprised us with one in the morning which means plans to read economics got fucked up! I'm so lucky i read abit of that unit earlier this morning... The Economics exams was just.... i got trapped when it came to quantitative questions! Meh.
Now i'm home dealing with moody women! More drama i don't need. I'd told Thatcher and Churchill my results from last semester, you know, their reactions were equal to "oh". I did quite well scoring two A's in the process, indifference is all i get. Fine then! Life moves on.

And yes i seem to be drinking lots lately! It just comes round unexpectedly! Oh well....

|Que pasa Lola-Alex Cuba|

This is self defence

I took this quiz after i got chased by goats this morning! I kid you not. A Maasai was herding his goats and then they chased me when i passed them. Bloody things! I had to run! FAST! I think they thought my dark green khakis were grass... Silly urban goats! You know they're not afraid of people?
How many baboons could you take in a fight? (armed only with a giant dildo)
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Random singing

This past weekend was rather.... loose!

How? Saturday. My girlfriends went to audition for a musical, they asked me to take them. The Kenya Conservatoire. Theatrics! Culture! A piano?  We got ushered in, and were (literally) forced to audition! The usual voice tests. And then to sing a song of our choice! The girls went in and came out 5 minutes later. So it was the music lady and i. She had me do "de reh mi fah soh lah tih dohs" and "la la la la"s for like 10 minutes! (is that a good sign?) And then the inevitable statement came.
"Please sing a song of your choice"
"uuuhhhmmmm......ok wait that might take a while i like sooooo many songs" i said.
*stares at me*
"Ok ok, i'll sing love the way you lie by Rihanna and Eminem" (I KNOW RIGHT?!?! swear its been bugging me!)
*i sing*
"oooops i cant remember the chorus too well" i said rather nervously.
"That's alright, pick another" she says.
"hmmmm how about true colours by Phil Collins? Yes that one!" i said. I know, it's a very um, gay song, but it was the last track i heard the night before AND i really like it, the Phil Collins version.
She even sat on the piano to play the tune for me! Interesting. When i was done. she was like "alright if you follow me this way".
We Went into a packed room and right as we were walking in, a short woman, Kenyan, with a voice and accent i remembered from waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in primary school appeared! And she was irritated because we interrupted her. This lady taught me in primary school, she directed me in the school's plays, and she used to help out with class performances. And she's quite popular socially. I don't think she remembered me (oh but i did! Lunchtime detention for arguing with a classmate over a part still remains in my memory!) but instantly, like as if i were in school, i pointed to the lady who'd just auditioned me. "She did it, i tell you she's the one who sent us in!" i said. She calmed down and showed us where to sit. The room had a variety of people, from little children to fathers Churchill's age. Apparently people like to sing and act. AGAIN, this is all very random, i merely just took my friends there to support them and then see what happens!
I was confused, because the lady didn't say how well i did. Truth be told i was doing it for fun! Never expected this. Inside that room we got separated, guys from girls, and led to another section to be inducted. Here, i met a guy. He says he saw me at Open Mic with Adelle in Lavington at the Nairobi International School (marketed again! :-D) talking to someone but he was leaving and didn't wanna say hi. He's not too bad looking. 6/10. He introduced himself and explained the whole thing, the musical and practice times etc. Very friendly. And since he knew that the guy i was talking to was Fabulous N, something told me that one's soooo gay! It might be true, i'm still "investigating". No i'm not going to chase after him. Karma taught me a good lesson, or 10, about doing that.

We sung abit, until sir j called me, time to go have high tea! I won't lie, i fled! Although i want to participate, i feel it would take time, plus my Saturdays seem occupied for the next month. I shall sing next year. OH, lest i forget yes, i used to sing in school, before my voice broke i could sing as high as Kylie Minogue or Jeniffer Lopez. I sung in the school choirs, i public spoke, i acted. However, I could not, for the love of God, play football. Fun to watch, boring to play. The boys were mean anyway, always used to pick me last. Hockey on the other hand, was fun! Enough about my younger years.

Nice to know i still have a singing voice all these years later though! Later i went to a very nice bar and got tipsy on what diplomatic one and others say was 3/4 of a bottle of spicy Italian red wine. To myself! I'm sorry, but it was delicious and people weren't drinking much! And it's sad to see such expensive wine going to waste with people who's tongues don't know what taste is, wouldn't you say?

Sunday saw me work! And go to a car bazaar. Someone's looking for a car. And there was roast meat later! A good Sunday. I got bak home and worked on a presentation that i did today. Rather well i think. Today also saw my exam results come out! Last semester was so short! 16 weeks of work in 10 weeks. I'm not saying what i got, but my performance in operations management really shocked me! Snap...

Once more, such is life...

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This made me smile this morning.... =)

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Gone too soon

I have a secret i wanna share...

Thursday is my least favourite day of the week. All things shitty seem to happen on this day.

Today i lost a school friend of mine to cruel robbers who raided a students hostel  near my campus... The sad thing is that this guy was so cool, he was nice to talk to, cheerful, and a good student. It's so shocking when you get into campus and you're told a guy you were with yesterday died! Aaaaah what a fucking waste! Such nasty robbers, as in there was no need to shoot anyone! He wasn't refusing to surrender his things, the dude was frightened and was shocked! And the bastards shot him!!! He had a whole life ahead of him and just one bullet took it all! FUCK YOU ROTTEN ROBBERS! GET FUCKING SHOT BY THE COPS!!! I swear now i feel nothing when thugs are shot by cops! Look what they do! And his hostel-mates watched him get shot! They're so traumatized, i had to send one home today! See, she lives near me. It was so messy. I even had her girlfriends look after her, i had class. There, i couldn't think. I was just so distracted... God i hope they get caught.... Siku za mwizi ni arobaini. (the days of a thief are 40) It's so upsetting. I admit i'm still angry.

As the priests and nuns in my campus said, "such is the way of life". Indeed.  I swear life's just too short! As i'm told "we're just guests on this planet until the next life begins". I'm not religious but that makes sense. Sigh....

I never did like Thursdays anyway. Rest peacefully for all eternity Eric.

|Fear-One Republic| |Where'd you go-Fort Minor|

more pensieve

Its been a month and some days since i walked out painfully from a relationship!
Infact Sunday was his birthday. The phone reminded me. I'd even forgotten that i had entries like that. I deleted the anniversary ones, guess that one just got forgotten, seeing as 2 other friends share it on the same day... I sent a nice cheery one that got replied with a smiley. I wonder if it would have been the same if... anyway.

Don't even get me started with the nightmares i've been having lately! 9 days straight, i had nightmares! i slept abit better after i got my teddy bear out (yes i'm turning 21 years old in 3 weeks and i still sleep with teddy bears. NOT ashamed!) I still have random insomnia going on. It's not cool, night after last, i slept at a quarter to one in the night, and had to get up to let little dog in and out, loosing sleep in the process and then i'm up by five thirty in the morning to get ready for school... yeah i only told like two people about these nightmares, i'm not reliving them by writing about them! Anyway they seem to have stopped. For now. Can a good God not let them haunt me anymore? I want to sleep and dream about...Bundu bashing in a Vogue TDV8 with me having tea overlooking a savannah plain or something of the sort.

I had a nice weekend though! I met a good friend, had apple pie (yaey) walked all over the city because the sun was out, i even saw the giant flag with its mast in Uhuru park! Really, how do people not go there? It's so nice... I watched a play by the Strathmore drama group, called "An ideal Husband", the Abridged version of the Oscar Wilde play... It was VERY nice! My girlfriends are such cool company! I'm waiting for heartstrings Kenya to put up a new show then i drag them to it! It was the first play i watched in months!
Sunday i went for open mic with Adelle in the nice leafy suburb of Lavington, at a school called the Nairobi International School (NIS) (yes i advertised them. I'm nice like that) It was quite nice, some friends of mine were there,and the performances were rather nice! Sadly, Nairobians have very little manners when it comes to these events, because people gossip loudly about someone's man or the colour of some girls "nice" weave when someone's performing!!! SHAME ON THEM! No amount of "ssshhhh" would shut them up! Lord...

OH but there were yuuuuuuuuuuuuuummy men! Sue me now, but really, some guys were fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! I was secretly (or not) gleeing into my mates arm about so much eye candy, when this unbelieveably CUTE man came! I've seen him only twice, in print and telly, and the way he's fiiiiiiiine!!! Holy Dave (his stage name) came! OOOWIE!!! =D That man's FINE! HOT! CUTE! Ok cuppatea's calm now. He's sooo my type bodywise! He's a gospel musician who's really rising in case my foreign readers were wondering... Cuppatea took photos! Can you say snap happy? I wasn't even sorry for taking photos of him! People thought i was snap happy because he's a star musican! Heeeeeelll no! For gazing purposes only! Oh lord, that man is nice to look at, and seems to be pretty humble too... Sigh! My 5 minute crush on him ends there. No really it has.
Campus isn't helping either! all the nice looking guys ("fresh-men") have appeared! Anatawa Sekushidess....

And then, this very morning in my inbox, i found a most random message! Infact i blinked twice and cleared my eyes to check that i hadn't misread what i saw. Nope, most certainly real. The most random man sent me an inbox! Noooooo not that sexy gospel musician, sadly, but a very obnoxious character! He drinks more than me and big p combined! I kid you not. He stopped then kept having relapses. Anyhoo, Person y sent me a message! Well then, what did it say? He apparently dreamed about me calling for him coz i was in trouble and when he found me, i was upset at him for not finding me on time and then i started insulting him and chased him away in that process and then he woke up. Oh no it gets better, he says if im in trouble he'll find me, and he doesn't know what the dream means.

You can stop giggling now. Honestly was i really a bad person to him? This ideology of super sensitive men who dont like being told the real facts doesn't amuse me. I haven't even replied that message, mainly because i don't know what to tell him! i don't know if i should laugh or be offended... truth be told i'm even amused! Like i said, i don't go looking for drama, drama finds me. That man is so misunderstood... I'm telling him a dream is just a dream! Even though we know that its the subconcious thoughts and memories constructed into realistic scenes. Really.

I wonder what next...

|by the time- Mika|

The best of both worlds? Not for me.

I'm scared of bisexuals!

Well, Not scared in the sense that i'm going to get a serious ass beating from them, i'm just scared at how they so effortlessly manage two dating lives at the same time!
As you all know i've dated two (three unofficially) bisexuals. All have either left me for women or started domestic issues like Angie and Marcus in this film i recently watched called "Tyler Perry's why did i get married too". Those two have more drama than person y and i did! And the men in it are HOT! And Jill Scott and Janet Jackson are in it! That's actually quite a good film, its funny, serious and true at the same time. I can relate to it! Go watch it! It's very nice.

So a few days ago, i got chatted up by a very nice man. Nothing serious just talking right... And then he mentioned he was Bisexual.

*insert those horror movie violin horrific scene about to come "tring tring tring tring screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaam!!!!!!!"*

Ofcourse i'm not looking for a relationship at this time, but the thought of him trying to land me and then he has a girfriend on the side? That's homodrama i can't and won't put up with!

Besides, i find it interesting that a guy or girl can date both genders at the same time. How are their hearts able to split emotions subjectively? How do they romance both? Do they use the same pickup lines? And isn't difficult pleasing two people? Well actually no that man did it. My point is, HOW do they do it? i have enough drama with guys alone now imagine the value added drama of a lady? Especially when she finds out there's a man involved? Oh la la c'est tres mal!

It's like there's more bisexual men than gay men in this city of mine, and that's such a worrying thought for me... what if, and only if, i meet the right person (which looks so bleak as i write this) and then they have a lady on the other side? For you the heterosexual, you're thinking "ala, there's nothing wrong there" but for me, with all these "tragedies" it's just not cool! Ladies no offense. At first i thought maybe it was to mask the fact that they're gay and sadly ashamed so they have to put on a fake image of being hetero, but that's not the case here. They like both!

Yeah i'll stick with gay men thanks....

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Night Nursing: OMG EEEWW!!! =O

Vomiting Pandas have alot to do with this post!
Cuppatea is getting old! And this is how he realized that...

Saturday night i had the pleasure of hanging out be with the clique. The location would this nice mall called The Village Market. In that mall, there's a nice array of foodcourts and bars right, and with the clique being there, naturally we'd have other friends come as well. Actually they just appeared. Diplomatic one, a and i found a crowd of gay men there. Our friends LOL!

So it was just a random get together! Alot of gin and shisha (Hashish) and beer! Unfortunately they didn't have the strawberry flavoured shisha (i'm no stranger to it, You'd be surprised what your classmates in high school teach you), they did have apple and mint. So hilarious watching people choke on it! Anyway, in that crowd there's this twink who's always there with us, Let's call him twinky. He's a size zero who's actually quite cute and is terribly smart. Point is, he and this other bloke got were high when we got there and they sorta couldn't hold their drinks. And mixing black ice and gin is not wise. Just the way mixing gin, tequila, beer and vodka in a mint flvoured shisha bong isn't! (that concoction gets to your head and it hits you like a hard bitchslap to your face, *SLAP!!!!*) So they blacked out. And then....

Twinky murmurs "i" Now, fortunately his best friend was there looking after him, as was i. We hoisted him on to our shoulders and tried to get him to walk! HEAVINESS! My goodness just because  someone's small doesn't mean they're not heavy! So we got him to walk abit while we supported him. Epic fail! It was more like dragging him! So the strange looks we were getting from other patrons....Really i don't blame them! Three small guys dragging what seems to be like a drooling lifeless body with the most hilarious dialogue and trying to bembeleza (persuade) the drunk not to regurgitate his contents all over the place! An exerpt, you ask?
"Just hold it in baba the toilet's not far!"
"it's okay tuko karibu"
"ghai Jezaz just hold it in aki we're almost there!"
"I feel like....."
"heeeeeeeeeee aki this boy, look at him mschew, that was me last weekend"
"It's okay we're almost there, theeeeere, lift your legs! one, again, one,..."
"My word 5 black ices and 3 doubles of gin, this kijana's my hero!"
"can you just hold in mate, we're almost there!"

And then, right at the door of the damned loo..... " BLEEEEEEAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGHGRRRGHH splatter splatter splatter spatter!!!!! reeeeeggggh!"

It came out like someone opening the floodgates of the Hoover dam! bright orange and vivid in colour! I Had to look away and take a BIG breath because my stomach was doing things as well! Mind you all this vomit is coming out and we're still supporting this guy!
"Msccchhhheeeeww na tulikua hapa cuppatea, life's unfair" his friend said. i felt his pain, we were right at the door and the poor cleaner guy had to witness all this. We dragged little twinky into the nearest sink! The handwash one sadly, we didn't make it to the toilet bowl in time becaue right as we entered, the stench off his last sick overpowered him. "Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh splatter splatter splatter!!!" Oh. MY. GOD! The smell! We removed his scarf and held his jacket back. The boy let out more vomit than i'd ever seen in my life! Woi! The damn sink got clogged! Patrons who'd come in to pee kept asking if we're good, if we needed help, "Naaaah we're good, he just had a tad too much" i told one. "Yeah i remember them days i used to be like that" the pee-ist said. In the midst of all this, i was busy getting (alot) of tissue to help clear his mouth and the surroundings. That smell! Black ice has a trademark vomit smell! Been there before in 2007-8! Poor lad. The bloody sink got clogged!!! We had to ask for a plunger. (i was doing all the messy bits, being the most "manly" of us 3) And plunged away i did! cleared the sink. I was waiting for the water he was drinking from the tap to do its thing.

When one drinks too much and they're throwing up, feed them water to get all the sick out and clean the belly. This translates into more vomit flooding out his mouth! My word. 30 mins later he was all done. Still unable to walk, but vomity no more! We carried him back to the tables. And then he blacked out! Properly.  All this reminds me of my girlfriends from highschool when they came hangovered the next day. I'd go with them to the loos or the back of the field and hold their hair while they let it out. Eish damn, but at least they didn't vomit like this kid, I've never seen so much sick from one person! Woot!

And then, while i was chatting with some other guys, this other bloke who blacked out decided to throw up. Cuppatea was not about to put up with the smell! he and his friends fled! The guy just wouldn't stop. "bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuurrrrrhg" it came out. Mind you he was sitted with his head pointing down so luckily he didn't projectile on people. Big p and i to the scene. "Cuppatea just dash and...." he didn't even need to complete his sentence, i was already running to the washrooms to get alot more tissue. Luckily the waiters had been tipped (very well) so they woulnd't be feeling bad cleaning up. Now because this guy vomited, he started a chain reaction! Some guy in a distant table ducked into the plants! (i saw and heard) and also caused poor little twinky to vomit again. How spectacular! I couldn't help but LAUGH! My word, this was just one bleeding hilarious scene! Even some gran was giving us tips for the drunks, "give'em milk an orange juice, they'll be fine laddie" she said to me.

Mind you i sobered up a while back after i backed finished my beer and bong... This is how i'm able to remember this! We then proceeded to town, a nice club uptown. Well known among the gays and straights. Hint? A former strip club that's now quite something. Secrets is mildly interesting. Here, 3 guys were hitting on me! I danced abit when the music was good. Then we went home. 2.34am was the time i checked in. Blondies not home yet. Cleared my bed and hopped in. Insomnia. Breathe that smells like mint, a tired body... great. Put on my headphones and waited for sleep to come. 4.03am is when i turned off the phones.

In unrelated news, i have a massive liking for Hispanic music! Sergio Mendez has been blaring outta my headphones this weekend! =D

Anyhoo, the moral of this post? Do NOT drink more than you can handle!! =D you may not have night-nurses to help you out...

|Ye-Me-Le-Sergio Mendez|

Ageing with which car?

I was watching a podcast from BMW, and they had this brilliant video about this octogenarian called Murray Fowler, who has a car. A BWM 2800 CS circa 1968-1975. Its really beautiful! The 2 and half minute video is about him describing his relationship with his car. That car is gorgeous! He goes on to describe how the car has soul, how many hundreds of thousands of miles he's done with it (here in Kenya people rid of their cars ever 100,000km to "keep up with fashion"---please.) and you can tell just how passionate he is about that car!the video can be found here.

BMW 635d
It got me thinking, "would i own a specific car all my life?" The answer? YES! I'd have one car which i'd keep throughout my life. Nothing fancy like that new Aston Martin DB9 that's prowling around town...  I would buy a second hand BMW 635d. I've always loved this car! I've grown up around BMW's and other marques.  The fact thats it's a diesel engine with their famous straight six engine always amuses me! A true grand tourer. Oh, it would be the coupe. It just looks and feels good! Imagine going from here to coast without refuelling, and having alot of torque from low end... And it just looks good! It's a twin turbocharged 3.0l diesel engine. Smashing! I Like sports cars like Ferraris and Porsches but i'm thinking practically, it would have to be easily serviceable (auto Bavaria or Agba can do that), has to have good performance ( 0-100 kph in 6.3 seconds, 250kph top speed, 286bhp, 428lb of torque and get this, 40mpg fuel economy!!---more than enough) be practical (it can fit a suitcase and golf clubs!) it's got fantastic handling and it's reeeeeally good value second hand! ( if i had 6.2 million to pay for the car and taxes)
This is the car i'd buy and stick with all my life...
What's yours?

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