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I seem to have found a talent! photography to be exact. i realized there's no point in speding lots of money on a cameraphone when i can buy a digicam. now, rasing funds for it is another story. more on that later.

I had a very interesting weekend...

Normally i have no idea what the weekends have in store for me on a friday evening but by saturday mornings i'm rearing to go, plans in mind and hand.

I was meant to go see a close friend but he had and engagement somewhere, so i was left with no plan. I remembered that there was an arts gig at the british council so i told myself "i will take myself there alone even if i don't meet friends." I'm taking steps to get even more inependent, the first one is "be your own best friend". A while back i never used to go to places alone because i was scared for one reason or the other but this time round i took myself with confidence! It felt good.

One of my friends was going for it so i met her there. This event is called WAPI, a swahili word meaning "where". its hosted by the british council in several African countries to expose and exhibit the african youth who are talented in music and the arts. We had a look around and found it to be mild. well in my opinion i thought it was. It's too ghetto for my liking, because most of the artists singing were NOT singing but rapping...explicitly. i lost interest.

Inside, there was a fashion show called GLAM-UP. It was an Indian themed fashion show and i thought it was very nice! my friend and i were one of the few people cheering out loud. I've never encountered such a dead crowd...sheesh. It went well though.

Later on saturday i went to Nairobis's beloved Uhuru Park. A large piece of land that has significant importance in my country's history. Its a nice place, i got to see families and couples all happy and smiling...reminded me of my younger days when my father used to take me there.

My sunday was spent doing assignments and tyoing for my friends who are not so computer literate. they are from the Maasai tribe. One thing i love about this country is its culture. I've learnt alot.

I pray that this week will be a good one. My monday seems to have started rather irrationally; one of my notebooks has gone missing and i have a presentation. will it be found?

i wonder..

Veil; Unveil

My usual hate on men continues. Yes ladies this is bound to get you started today. Why the hell don't they say whats on their minds? I mean, life would be 10 times easier if we had more open minded, open mouthed fellows out there. speaking to a friend the other day, we were just talking random things but when i asked some certain questions, he'd answer them REALLY indirectly or, not answer them at all. I find that really irrate don't you? I can't force things outta peoples minds but really, when i communicate to you it would be nice if you were just as open as i am. One thing i hate doing is pouring all about me to someone and get minimal or nothing about themselves...thats actually one of the reasons i've put dating on hold.

More hate. this time in form of my ex. HE'S BEING VERY, VERY ANNOYING!!! he inboxed me yesterday, twice on facebook. i didn't reply the first one because it was all about him and his new man...i didn't reply. I'm not jelous, but really how he's put it makes it very irrate. so he inboxes a second time. he asks whats wrong. i write back and say "what do you mean whats the matter?". Really, i can't be bothered!!! i need to put it in a very nice way that yes, we can still be friends but i'm not interested in the happenings of your love life! men...

The buyer of my smartphone postponed it's purchase. i was rather annoyed but then again, thats life; full of it's up and downs.

I feel much better after venting all that out. I really try to smile my way through things...but its hard sometimes...

whats in the mind of a man?

Last night i was thinking.
Okay i always think. daytime or nightime. I was questioning myself why men, specically tops (a type of gay person, specifically man as i've no idea how lesbians categorize themselves) can never make direct decisions! its always a circular, beating round the bush, long way about answer. very few people give me direct answers. Mainly my father and brother and a friend or two...

Is it that they (men) make a risk analysis before making a decison or is that they expect the worst from us? Ladies included. I realized my valentine never actiually said he'd be my valentine. Looking back at that facebook inbox, he gave me an indirect answer. And even now i can't determine if it's yes or no. Sigh....there is a song by an up an coming female rockstar by the name Katey Perry. Her song Hot and Cold totally makes sense in this situation...

Enough about men for now. I've concluded that i'm not ready for a relationship and that the right guy shall find me...or i'll find him. eventually. The thing is, how do i not think about them? they're everywhere! I'm trying to focus on uni life and finding some sort of hidden talent...but somehow they always have a way of finding me. It's always the ones below my league that are after me. Why? i haven't the slightest clue.

Lastly, i hope my smart phone gets bought today. I need a new, smarter cell phone. the only thing is my sense of individuality shall not let me get something mainstream. I wonder how this will work out...

ps: my ex is "thirsty" to see me. WHAT!!!! I laughed out loud. He's been rubbing salt in my wound (fine scar) about his new boy and how he's spoiling him...

Like i give 10 rats asses about it...please.

My first post

I tell you i'm rather tired of not being able to speak my mind...

Hi there. I'm Cuppatea. A not so ordinary Kenyan 19 year old who happens to be a chatterbox. and a frank one at that. It's Monday the 16th of February 2009. This is my first post since i shut down my previous blog last year. (i will not tell you it's title because of some homophobe haters which i'll get to in abit.)

I'm a gay teen living in a multi-cultural country. Yes, life is hard. I shan't lie aout that. I'm tired of being semi-open on facebook. I can't really express myself without people breathing down my neck, splashing comments all over, inboxing or posting their thoughts about my thoughts. This will be my space to speak as freely as possible whenever, wherever. you've been warned.

Well, life continues. this blog is for no one in particular, just a place to vent and release my thoughts, comments, events and so on. Its shall be as open as possible.
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