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So i've been incredibly busy of late!

well, not in that sense but i've had a myriad of activities that needed my attention...like the campus's cultural day which really lived up to it's name! i'm fortunate to school with people from all over Africa. They are members of the catholic church but secular students mix too... Anyway, I got to see, hear and taste different cultures... my favourites were the Cameroonians and Nigerians. The Cameroonians had a traditional battle/witchdoctery thingie going on.. Now, these people dressed up traditionally, which means they went topless and had funny loincloth outfits going on WHICH means EYECANDY!!! Forgive me Lord but your servants have HOT HOT BODIES!!! ok i admit i like muscular meaty guys... Who're dark skinned... It just....AH! they have hot bodies and i'm a gay guy so there! Of course i have to look, who wouldn't?

Besides the girls were secretly (or not so secretly) admiring them as well...

Earlier that Saturday, yes it was held on that day, I got to school first. So did another friend of mine. She new the brothers so we got free breakfast! i was wondering how my belly would survive on that day...but it did. Yeah so we got that and then we had to cook! sad innit? the business club i vice chair decided it's selling foods on that days...like samosas, popped corn, and queen cakes. Oh and juice and water. Business is an African culture.. So we sold everything, except the popped corn which remained but still, we gt rid of it... I burnt my arm abit making those... i have odd spots on my arm now. They will heal! Thank God for aloe vera...

By the way, person x is still quite happy! Yes, the human heart is a very strange thing. You already know who person x is... He still treads lightly and things are going very well with person y. His belief in that good men are still out there is slowly being restored. MIND YOU, person x still hasn't told many people, including his closest friends. He likes the peacefulness of keeping things a secret. Like Luther Vandross's "secret love" minus the breaking the heart lyric from it. Just know things are going very well. When Things are very stable i'll tell all.

So Friday will be a most interesting day. I'm broke, i have educational stress going on and im getting ooooooooold.... Not that it's bad thing! I'm thankul i've lived this long! I pray i live another 2 more decades and more... What did i do last year for my birthday? you'll laugh but ill tell you anyway, i thought t was randomly nice....brace yourselves!

I stayed indoors and watched the Bridget Jones diary 1 & 2. Yeeeeeeeees i came home from school and found the house empty. I was broke as well. So why not watch movies? those chinese 28-in 1 DVD's were in the player...and it had girly movies + i never watched the 2nd one... So i did! very uneventful. Then again 19 wasn't all that worthy of celebrating...This year though i hope things are fun! there is an album launch this friday that im so eager to attend, hosted by Just a Band kenya. There is an art exhibition(i think) at the Ramoma and then there's lunch at that delightful restaurant i love so much! No java though. Everyone does birthday coffee meets there...i like different. Gifts...well, i'll be surprised if get more than 2. why? well i never give people gifts (last time i gave a card i was questioned like a criminal and the other person was indifferent) and because of living in a strict family and not attending people's parties i doubt. D.D bought me the nice bag though as an early gift..

Soka... (Japanese for "i see"...) I bid September and teenagehood farewell.. Let my 20's be fruitful, blessed, wiser and random!

I'll be that same same person who's inner child will never die..

Persons X & Y

Assume that someone, lets call them person x, had to leave what they thought was the perfect relationship for many reasons. The main one being the fact that they were basically a Klande (side-dish, whore, f-buddy, whatever). Further, assume that person x became tired of everything and decided to go on some sort of break from love and life in general....

Then, one day, person x's friend introduces him to another friend on a website. A wretched site nontheless he still made friends with the person suggested. Let us call this person person y. Person y is a closeted person. Person y further tells person x that he just wants to be friends. Person x doesnt mind AT ALL. So they meet, person x and y. Person x might have started liking person y but tells himself it will never happen because you can never base love or infatuation or whatever people feel over texts and things.... A lecturer told person x that these things are called transit relationships and that they are meaningless... Person x agrees. So they met, and person x was very amused. Not only did he go with friends for backup, but person y was.....very amazing.. Person y Spills beer all over person x's pants because he was nervous. Person x doesn't mind. Person y drinks alot. Person x STILL doesn't mind. Person x has to leave for home but person y stays with person x's friends. All of them drinking.

Person y vanishes for the whole weekend. Person x is very worried and he doesn't know why. Person x looks around for person y but to no avail. numbers are off. Person x leaves it to God. Person x doesn't understand why he cares so much. The following monday Person y surfaces. Person x is happy but upset. Person y got drunk to the extent of loosing the phone. Person x lectured person y. Person y was so sorry person x forgave them. Person x feels wierd inside, what is it, he wondered... The week goes by and person x and person y have been talking. They meet again on a friday. Person y has straight friends. Many. Person y has a friend who suspects something about person x. hmmmm... Persons x and y who apparently were behaving normally didn't realize that everyone else, person x's friends included, could see a connection. And according to them it looked like we were an item. oh oh.

Person x has to leave and person y leaves with him. They talk on the way. Very interesting conversations... Person x is seen by a classmate who greets him. person x by the way, was tipsy. Person x has to explain things later... Persons x and y part ways. They still talk over text that evening. Person y tells person x that he's feeling something. Person x concurs VERY UNUSUALLY!!! Person x has to volunteer with friends at a national function for schools. Person x wanted to meet person y but person y was hangovered. Person x doesn't mind. Persons x & y continue to talk over text. Person x can't stop feeling that wierd feeling. Meanwhile, The weekend cotinues. It's the end of a Holy month in Islam. It falls on a sunday. Meaning the following monday is a holiday as well. Person x was minding his own business...doing his school work and chores around that monday. Person y texts and wants to meet up. Person x doesn't mind, He really like spending time with person y. ALOT. See, person still doesn't know why he likes person y... and he always smiles and feels content whenever person y is around. Person y makes him happy.

Persons x and y meet. Alone for the first time, All other meetings had friends. Not Monday. They met. Not even in the city. A location which is now their special place. They meet and talk. Person x comes entirely clean and tells person whats in his mind and heart, how he can't explain the rate at which things have been going, why person y makes him so happy etc. MIND YOU person x is nervous. Person x never tells all like that, ever. Person y tells him what he feels, person y reeeeeally likes person x. BUT, they both agreed they're taking things slowly. Person x is really happy! Person y wants to know if person x's ex will ever be around. Person x explains that he wont ever let anyone or thing get in the way. Person y is assured. Person x promises. Person x also tells person y that he will never expect person y to be like all his exes. He thinks it would be very wrong. Person y agrees... Person y is amazing... Person x and y went to their homes tipsy...but happy with the world. Well person x mostly.

Who is person x?
I love mysteries, it makes life REALLY interesting!



Before i say anything, i have to let you all know i'm alive and well. I've just been taking time off to think about things. I'll keep you up to speed about what i've been up to...Experiences of late vary from a very exciting shopping trip (every gay person's therapy) to chairing club meetings to thinking about friends and life itself...and many other things. I've worked on the blog abit as well...

I recently went shopping! I had small P, M, my friend D.D (a nickname for shoes which ended up being used on him hehe) and Y along with her boyfriend take me to what has to be the biggest market in Nairobi, Gikomba. There, i got new bag/murse/messenger bag, various tshirts and a fabulous leather jacket!

oh, the bag is a french designer one by the house of longchamp. ITS WONDERFUL!!! made from very hard tent-material and leather....and Y's man got the price down by 60%!! YAEY!!! The jaket is a tan leather one. very soft leather....also cheap. The tshirts are very casual, nothing fancy... One is a very nice shade of yellow.... We went to the malls later. Mr.Price were having a sale, albeit on the wrong items....shoes weren't affected (why?!!?) It was generally a good day...

Chairing meetings. I kinda run the business club in my campus and aside two other officials the rest have been sitting on their fat arses doing shit!!! nothing! I've had to run up and down pushing for thngs to work. Had the first meetting of the semester yesterday, low turn out. I'm going to work on recruitment today...sometimes if you ant something done properly, you always have to do it yourself...Pray things work out this semester...

New music in the name of german dance artist ATB! i got his most recent album, "future memories" yesterday. Ever listened to music that's so good it makes you scream? YES!!! he's that good! and he's gorgeous!!! The picture of the guy, thats him. So getting in touch with my musical side, going back to what i used to listen to...been listening to him since i was 11 years old.

Been thinking about a road trip... I REALLY WANNA GO AWAY!!!! from the city! for a weekend... how i'm pulling that off with a family like mine i totally haven't a clue... I feel like i need one... I always look at pictures and think "wish i were there"... I'm going to work on that.

Friends. You know, i realized sometimes people you've known for the longest time ever aren't good for you...All this sees me withdrawing from certain people. I like being around people who will help me grow as a person, and be there for me whenever, and allow me to completely express myself! I HATE being told "don't wave your arms like that" or "your clothes are so dull".

4 words for such people: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!
MY GOD!!! I woke up the other day and decided AWAY WITH THEM!!! Kenyans who are fed up of such say SHINDWE!!!! (be gone!)

So i'm sticking with people that matter. Even if it means moving away from people i first met 3 years ago.

Finally, This is my last month of being a teenager! for most people they think "oh". This is a big deal for me! no more being called teen! and it means my childhood Era really comes to a close. The first friday of october, i become 20. why do people celebrate 21 instead of 20? Its a whole new era for me! for everyone who turns that age.

I may be getting abit old but my inner child will never die. Indeed. I will still be as loud as ever, Get sugar high on candy (ok thats my body its not choice) and still try to be as outgoing and fun as a kid! FOREVER YOUNG!!!

I'm around...


i've been on a small break. had cases of brain block and i couldn't really express myself properly. still can't. but you cn see i've been busy-ish. new blog photo of a koala (one of my favorite animals) holding a cup of tea.... it makes me happy.


I'm going to post this as a photo story of random photos i got from the internet. (photos are subject to copyright blah blah blahs. dont steal them). i've tried to depict what they mean to me. felt like leaving them blank but some readers might jump into conclusions. Read/see/view.

I've been feeling left out. im alone, everyone is going/gone and i wonder why life can be this way. NOT a cool way to start september! People are randomly meeting and i'm never included. Is something wrong with me? I'd love to say i can do without. i can't. it's difficult.
Got chased by mall security at sarit this weekend. i was making rude gestures at emo and random p. from where i was standig it looked like i was showing the whole mall the finger. security promptly tried to geet our attention but we ran. and a chase ensued....ran into truworths, into uchumi and finally, we shok them off. yaey us!
I still feel empty and down. Don't know why. Is this depression in another form? the whole house is noticing so are friends. Why do i feel this way? to put it simply i think its just stress. Stress of things not working.
A plane. A 747-400ER to be exact. i want to leave on a plane and go faaaar away, where no one knows me, where the air is fresh, where nature is rampant and few people exist. just for a few months i wish i could go. where is such a place?
New Zealand. A wonderful place... unspoilt and has more sheep than humans! yaey. i want to scale Mt.Cook and walk in the green grasses. I'd like to see this place before i turn 30.
Finally feel sort of happy. No more sadness from letting D go, No more worrying about friends leaving because i'll find new ones and some old ones are still around, School is never that serious and whatever sadness is inside me will be cured by music. the music below. Era.

Viva cuppatea

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