Muddy weekend

I've had a partially interesting weekend...

Lets start with how on friday none of my friends were available so i went to have coffee alone (friday coffee must be done) in westlands this time. But before that i had lunch with gothic. That was fun! Turns out every deacons store is having a sale! And then he has such a good looking cab driver (i kid you not) it was shocking! Later a friend of mine (straight) came over. I haven't seem him since 2008! We had a small chat before we left. Besides, i needed to get home to listen to some new albums i got...

I woke up on saturday morning so groggy! Waking up early to take the diplomatic one shopping at gikomba. It was MUDDY!! As in runny wet muddy mud! Though the place is interesting! You will find RANDOM stuff! Like he got 3 leather bags! I got one. And a prada briefcase/shoulderbag hybrid. Its the real deal. I just couldn't leave it behind! Its the kind you think 'what if'. Anyway i'm pleased with it. Successful shopping trip? Yes.

Later i met him. Yes, sir laugh-alot's ex. I met him when i was still with diplomatic one. We went to have lunch. I ate. Again, he didn't. I FELT FAT! Goodness if you saw the amount of food on my plate... I didn't finish on purpose. It just felt SO AWKWARD! The good thing is that he wasn't shy around diplomatic s. Later after diplomatic one left, we went for an hour of drinks. One random restaurant later i remembered i had a little paper valentines card thingie of sorts that i'd made when i was in a dull class just for him. It was in the book i'm currently reading. ''comment on it later please'' i said. I felt so silly giving him the card... But he seemed pleased with it. F came later on, we all sat and chaaaaated until....

...a girl sitting alone at a table was staring at us. Superman noticed. (oh oh) and they exchanged looks. Now i'm aware he's bisexual. Ish. I think he's still determining his sexuality. I am scared of bisexuals. Why? Because one left me for a woman. Long story. Anyway it felt wierd... We were leaving when he went to her table to talk for a few minutes while i waited outside. He tells me later he didn't take her number... Hmmm... I wasn't upset more like amused! He's brave to do that. Then again i guess he's used to it. Should i be bothered? I like him. But really?

I went to big s (s with a new title because many friends who's names start with s) to visit afterwards... He's good. A and T were there. T with his strange moods continued. I won't ask. I went home after that to rest. Somehow people were going out and i wasn't told. I don't really care, the sleep i got was SO GOOD! Lately sleep has been yummy! By the way, My sister took the other bag because she loved it soooo much! I couldn't say no. So looks like i'll be getting another bag soon...

And then i wake up on sunday morning and i remembered i have two exams this week! Shit! I totally needed to read... So it meant skipping lunch at big p's... And i would've been awful company. I was incredibly moody. Why? I'm not sure.. Ok i might be upset with T but i'll just let it slide.

Ok i'll stop here and see how the week goes...

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Background and Latest on Mtwapa Hunt for Gays

This was written by Denis Nzioka, with permission, which i found VERY interesting...i thought i ought to share it with everyone. It highlights the true happening of the attacks on queer people there.

On Friday February 12th, reports started streaming in from Mombasa that mobs were attacking gay men in the township of Mtwapa. Through various engagements with some of the gay men witnessing the attacks, the Kenya Human Rights Commission was contacted to respond to the situation. While engaging with various players in Nairobi and Mombasa, KHRC decided to send Luke** of KHRC and Mark** to monitor the situation. Below is a brief write up of the information provided by James** of PEMA Kenya and John** of Stay Alive activists who responded on the ground to the violence and whose members were the most impacted by the sudden violent attacks on gay men in Mtwapa. 
There are various version of where the wedding of two gay men rumor started and there is still need to investigate where the rumor started. There is even a suggestion that it was a planted story.
Anyway the most repeated version is that about two weeks ago a well known and popular gay man in the Mtwapa area, went to the barbershop for a haircut. When one of the barbers commented that his hair looked really nice and asked him where he was going, he jokingly said that he was going to get married. However, the barber took him seriously and went to his local mosque and reported that there was a planned gay wedding set for Friday
February 12th in Mtwapa
The Imam then made an announcement in the mosque that there would be  a gay wedding  and instructed the congregation to start monitoring any community gatherings to ensure that there would be no gay weddings.
A local radio station, Kaya FM, then picked up the story and started a series of programs on gays. Kaya FM presents in Swahili and many of the Mijikenda languages - Digo etc (therefore has a real grassroots reach). The main focus of the discussion was on this impending wedding of two men in Mtwapa. Other local radio stations also picked up the story including Baraka FM, and Rahma FM and ultimately national radio stations including Kiss and Classic FM.

On Mon Feb 8th Women in Mnarani, Kilifi were being organized by a local councilor for a demonstration against homosexuality at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) in Kilifi. KEMRI, which has two staff who live in the area, got wind of the planned demonstration. They immediately asked their staff to leave the area and head to Malindi until later in the week. Additionally KEMRI reached out to the local Councilor and took the time to explain what it was that the center was engaged in. Due to KEMRI's intervention the demonstration was cancelled.
On Thursday February 11th, a group of reporters including local ( Kaya, Baraka, Rhama) and international (BBC) went to KEMRI Kilifi research center where there was a seminar in progress. They asked the staff there to tell them where the planned gay wedding was to be held, if they had invitation cards etc. KEMRI's PR person responded they knew nothing about any wedding and took the time to present what KEMRI does in Kilifi (this meeting took over an hour and a half)
It should be mentioned here that on Friday February 7th, (Friday before the alleged wedding) many of the Muftis and Imams discussed the impending wedding during Friday prayers and asked the community to be vigilante against homosexuals. They told their congregants to be prepared to demonstrate and to flush out homosexuals from the midst of Mtwapa and to ensure that no gay wedding took place. On the same Friday, LGBTs attending their main club ( Kalifornia) witnessed what they now say was a forewarning of things to come. At Kalifornia club, a club frequented by gays and lesbians, a group of young men went to the dance floor and while dancing stated in a form of a song, "gays have no joy and this time round they will have no joy or happiness for them"
On Thursday February 11th, Sheikh Ali Hussein, the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) Kikambala region coordinator and Bishop Lawerence Chai the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) representative of Kilifi District held a press conference where they condemned the planned wedding allegedly set to take place the next day. In the press conference, which was reported the next day in the Daily Nation. A few of the statements they made include:
  • Government should be ashamed of itself for allowing gay men to marry while it is against the law
  • Warned the owner of a building in the town who was allegedly renting rooms to homosexuals to evict them or face their wrath ( Note: this we believe is a safe house for gay men in town)
  • They demanded that a government public institution in the town be investigated for allegedly providing medical services to homosexual. "How can a state institution be involved on the pretext of providing counseling services to these criminals".
(It is worth noting that the KEMRI site in Mtwapa  provides care and treatment to ALL community members including gay men)
Friday February 12th 2010: (accounts from various individuals including those attacked, arrested, activists and the KHRC Lawyer)
At about 9 am an organized mob of about 200 - 300 people gathered in front of KEMRI and demanded for all the shogas (gays) to come out. A leader of the group a Faridi (for those who saw the KTN piece or the cover of Taifa Leo he is the man with an army shirt and hat. He is NOT a police but the instigator and organizer of the attacks) walked into the premises with police officers and confronted one of the center staff. When the staff asked why he was being arrested, Faridi asked him what was written on his T-shirt. The staff was wearing a world AIDS Day T-shirt that had a pink triangle that stated: "Komesha Ukimwi tumia condom" [Stop AIDS, Use a Condom). Faridi immediately turned to the police and said "this is a shoga [gay man]" and that he should be arrested. The staff struggled with Faridi (some of you may have seen the pictures online or in the papers). Kemri staff also struggled with the police in trying to keep him onsite. Unfortunately the guards (KK) hired to protect the premises also got into the struggle, but unfortunately by helping the police and Faridi to arrest the staff member.
Meanwhile the mob outside got very excited, loud, at all the goings-on. Some members of the mob were armed with stones, sticks and other weapons.
We learned later that the staff arrested was the second ‘gay' person to be arrested. Earlier in the morning at about 8am, Faridi and the police stormed a community member's house, Ken*, ransacked his house and arrested him and a friend who was visiting from abroad. Again Faridi simply told the police "this is a shoga please arrest him". While searching Ken's guests' bag, they found his jewelry that included some rings. Faridi immediately stated these were the wedding rings for the alleged wedding.
While all this was going on Omondi* a 23 year old security guard was alighting from a matatu heading towards the center when he saw a mob walking towards him. A woman on the street told him not to go that way and two young men walking by him told him he was going to die that day. Not knowing what was going on he immediately tried to run away but unfortunately it was too late and the mob caught up to him and beat him senseless. A female sex worker tried to protect him with her body and yelling at the crowd that they can't just kill people like that and that he hadn't done anything. The police arrived just in time to save his life since the mob had already dosed Omondi with kerosene and were about to burn him alive. Omondi was arrested and taken to Mtwapa police station bloody, dazed, and unsure what had just happened to him. The police did not offer any medical assistance and he was thrown into the cell.
At about 11:00am Faridi and the police returned to KEMRI insisting that there were even more shogas there and they must be arrested. This time they arrested another staff member: Yvonne. For those of you who saw the KTN piece Yvonne walked proudly into the police station. Faridi informed the police that Yvonne was the bride in the intended wedding (NOTE: Yvonne was arrested at his place of work and not at some wedding gathering!!!)
So by the end of Friday, five individuals had been arrested and were in Mtwapa police station. Additionally, a number of homes (we are still trying to assess how many) of supposedly of gay community members had been ransacked by mobs in the community.
The Mob
After Friday prayers mobs of individuals went to homes of suspected homosexuals looking for them. For the most part the largest mob stayed put at the police station (from 10:00am to about 4pm). A number of religious and political leaders took the opportunity to speak to the crowd. Sheikh Ali Hussein's speech was inciting and he kept talking about Sodom and Gomorrah and the need to root all homosexuals from the Mtwapa area.
The District Officer, who was also present, did not mention homosexuality in his speech but talked about the need to tackle all crime in the area. At one point one person in the mob started inciting the crowd to follow him to go and burn Kalifornia bar, and was arrested on the spot.
The political counselor Faridi, (not sure what his title is) also addressed the crowd. He said that before KEMRI came to Mtwapa there were no homosexuals in the area. He was clearly trying to link KEMRI and homosexuality.
The Community Policing Chair was also there and had also participated in the hunting down of homosexuals in the town.
Most disturbing was the former MP of the area Omar Masumbuko. Before addressing the crowd he walked into the police station and congratulated the OCS for a job well done. He was pleased that there had been arrests of homosexuals and hoped the police would continue with their good work, he said. In his address to the mob, he said homosexuality must be stopped and every means used to make that happen. HE TOLD THE CROWD THEY SHOULD NOT EVEN BOTHER TO BRING THE HOMOSEXUALS THEY FIND TO THE POLICE STATION BUT SHOULD TAKE CARE OF THE ISSUE THEMSELVES (this was stated in front of a police station with the DC, OCS and other security organs present)

Of importance, the activists I spoke to did not think the mob was a spontaneous community uprising against homosexuals, but a much more organized event. They did not disperse as most crowds do for the entire day and followed Faridi's direction and instructions.
Saturday February 13th 2010
The media presentation on the front pages of Saturday papers (Daily Nation, Taifa Leo) only raised the tension in the community.
At about 12 pm, Hussien*, a volunteer at KEMRI,  was attacked by a mob after he alighted a matatu. The mob kept chanting that it is actually his wedding that they had disrupted. They beat him severely and burnt him with cigarette butts. Again he was saved by the police after a mob member approached him with kerosene. An asthmatic, Hussein is in pretty bad shape.
After his arrest, a mob attempted to attack the Mtwapa police station but were repulsed with tear gas.
Quick overall thoughts and final updates:
1. So we now have 6 individuals in jail.
2. This attack on homosexuals seems to be an organized affair by a few religious leaders and there is need to find out who they are and what the agenda is. They seem to be well funded and the police seem to be working
with them when it comes to arresting and breaking into people homes.
3. KHRC has identified a lawyer who has been incredible in her engagement with the police and the religious leaders.
4. The LGBT activists on the ground have been amazing and have done incredible work to save their communities from attack. There is however concern even for their safety.
5. A Court date for their hearings is set for Monday morning
6. There is a planned large demonstration by the religious leaders tomorrow (Monday 15th) either at the court or at the police station.
7. As many gay networks in Mtwapa have been reached out to and people instructed to leave the area for awhile ( this is a decision taken by the two LGBTI groups in the area). Some members have already gone into hiding in other parts of the coast.
8. There is great concern for HIV positive MSM members who access care and treatment at Kemri. Because of the disruption many will not and have not accessed their meds for days and that has serious health implications for them.
1. The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya, GALCK and other partners are presently strategizing next steps including looking at what possible actions need to be taken on the breaches of law that we have witnessed this past weekend ( inciting communities to attack members of their communities, media write-ups and hate speech etc). This includes pressing charges against the two religious leaders and the former MP for inciting the community to commit crime.
2. KHRC lawyer is on the ground and is truly very engaged in all that is going on.
At the moment GALCK and KHRC are following the matter and there is coordination with the actions taken. It is critical to not begin actions on the situation that might put our brothers and sisters in grave danger
at the coast. GALCK and KHRC should provide us with recommendations of what actions we as a community can take to support our colleagues. 

**Names changed


...Is what's going on currently in East Africa, and you know what? It hurts me. 

Lately, Kenya has been seeing drama like a hybrid of a Mexican/Nigerian/Phillipino soap combined! I mean, two months into the year and all this is happening? wow. Things are thick in Mtwapa! In the coastal region o Kenya where majority are Muslims, sexual minorities have to hide and/or stay away from the area! This is sad. Homophobic residents have nearly burned two people! Imagine that! Such medival attitudes/treatment of a FELLOW HUMAN BEING WITH RIGHTS! Isn't that abit too harsh? On the extreme side? The guy got beaten up, cops cameto save him but didn't take him to hospital, oh no.... they took him to a freaking cell!!! For "his own protection" my arse.... I mean this is 2010 not 1960... 

In Neighbouring Uganda things are worse! Protestswith banners potraying hateful messages against sexual minorities! Queer people are humans too! I ought to add that to one of my causes too. Fighting for human rights is such a difficult task, and civic/religious leaders aren't helping with their "oh it's wrong" attitudes. MIND YOU these arethe same, same ruddy people who have secret affairs or are adulters! i find that SO HYPOCRITICAL!!!! SERIOUSLY! I don't hear anything in neighbouring Rwanda or Tanzania. There are far more important things to fight and protest about, such as HIV/AIDS, graft, famine, heck,even the constitution! But no, because "homosexuals are bad people who have devils in them" they have to protest and riot. HEY! We aren't bothering/disturbing heterosexual lives so STOP!

Worse, this is getting intomy life personally. On campus, my classmates arelooking at me funny again. I heard the ladies talking about how they wouldn't want their future/current sons to bring a guy home. Lemme ask, would the world end of they did? And then at home it's just... Last night,my brother and mother were discussing those protests in Uganda. My brother was like "It's just wrong, they should take their practices bacck to Europe or wherever" and my mum was like "they (queers) are sick and gross". I was so hurt. I couldn't show it but my insides were down.What would they do If they knew i was queer? At this rate would i be disowned? Even in my home negative attitudes have reached. 

"Un-African" they call queer people. Loosers! We've been there since time started! Biblical, Medieval, Victorian, Gregorian, Viking, Roman,Egyptian, Greek and many other cultures have seen us. We aren't about to go anywhere...

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One year later...


Dear lovely people,
OH! MY! GOODNESS! AH AH! how could i have let this one slip by?? Yesterday was my blog's 1st birthday and i TOTALLY forgot! (blame cost accounting) In my defence i had a long day and i genuinely forgot... By the way it was tamaku's anniversary as well which means tamaku and i started blogs a few hours apart... Interesting...

I was such a disgruntled person when i started it.. Was specifically upset with society, and facebook, and myself! I'd left a guy(that bastard!) the previous day after he went and made out with someone else in my presence...ANYHOO it was a milestone for me because it helped me unwind. Writing is my ventilation was that or screaming into pillows! (i kid you not) it also keeps me abit busy.

Through this blog i've spoken to some VERY interesting people. Met two. I've had interesting arguments with fellow bloggers (read GNM, haiku, and pater when he was around) of which they (mostly) emerged correct! I'm still open for forum btw. I might have educated some of the readers as well... Ok, my swearing and cursing might have gone down abit over the months, but i still express myself freely without people's stupid opinions on what they feel. My space. My words. My feelings. So there! :p

will i treat myself to something? Hmmm... I wish i could! I'll get me a slice of cake. Thats as far as i'll go because of ''bei ya mwanafunzi''.... (student pricing=always broke) and or student allowances. I do like art caffe's cheese cake and art ice hihi...

So thank you my little audience, for bearing my angsts and neuroses and haphazard feelings in literature here, thanks for pushing me to write and thank you for advising me in funny funny situations...even though i DON'T look for drama, it finds me! Anyhoo, i just wanna say a big Merci, asante, and thank you. Lets do for another year shall we?

With love, a most sincere cuppatea


End red weekend

Valentines day this year was rather interesting! No, i didn't have a valentine. I did have friends though...

It was A's birthday saturday, and what better way to help him celebrate than to have a small get together? Diplomatic one, big p, k, dyke g, T, fabulous m, sir j, gothic and A's Friend j were there. Myself included. Electricity vanished somewhere along the candle lit pizza dinner with cake and wine and sheer laughter ensued! My goodness it was fun! I slept at 2am...after having a whole six pack of half litre beer cans and lord knows how many glasses of wine... This guy had to go and sleep...

...Where he woke up the next day, valentines day, with a splitting headache!! Hangover? Yes. A bad one. And i was hungry too.... I find diplomatic s sleeping next to me and gothic on the far end of the bed. Wow. I went looking for water and painkillers found. Sniff sniff? What was that smell? Someone projectiled/regurgitated/vomited/puked/threw up innards! And this time it soooo wasn't me... Big p and fabulous m were sleeping on couches. Found water and went back to sleep. Later when people woke up, i made sufuria tea (tea in a pot) for everyone then we sat and continued chatting. That hangover was EPIC! By lunchtime we were hungry and spec d appeared. I made sausages whilst we decided what to have for lunch. Sausages are the best thing for a hangie! With bread. And tea. Spec d's famous chicken would be had for lunch whilst i sat down on the couch. There was no electricity the whole day! We improvised with T's speaker ball thingie and my playlists... I had to go home at 5pm lest i start being called... But generally that was a cool weekend...

I'm so lucky my home was slightly empty, i wanted my bed! I didn't even eat dinner (too tired/full) but i did shower and change my playlist for the week... Before i slept i really thought about myself, love life and other blah blah blahs... I really don't know where my love life is headed! I'll just go with the flow... By the way, ever wondered why cupid's army still uses arrows instead of modern day weapons like a tactical shot-gun? Hmmm....

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Begin red weekend

So he's cancelled the weekend!

He'd wanted to see me but something came up, so i'm not going for theatre date this valentines day. I'm sad yes, but really its not like we're dating... So once again i'm alone on valentines day... Last year i wore black. The Bastard i nearly dated, infact i was going to tell him 'i accept your offer of being my boyfriend' that valentines day, decided he's making out with someone else infront of my friends and i at my buddy's leaving dinner. I promptly wore black the next day.

I'm on my bed listening to music. I have a nearly dead discman(its almost 10 years old) and a stack of cd's to listen to tonight. No reading. No movies or series (finished sex and the city season 3), just music.

I don't feel like doing anything else...

|jealous-Sinead O'Connor|

Queer VS Queens: round one

Please note i'm NOT hating on queens or anyone effeminate (that much) here. My thoughts are purely my own and supposedly not of others... (i'm 'not' saying that with great cheek)

''Why do i behave the way i do?'' This is a question i was asked recently by some random queen friend of mine. ''you look straight but you're not, how come you don't wear tights to show off your arse? You're so dull!'' he asked. Silly boy! I'm happy with how i dress! Why are you hating on me? Shindwe!

I gave up years ago in high school pretending to be heterosexual when clearly i'm not! Not that i'm outta the closet (hanging on the open doors of the closet perhaps?) but any person with intellect can tell i'm queer despite how i dress. Yes its quite normal, no tights or tank tops. Just normal wear! And by normal i mean khakis and polo shirts or shorts and a tee... So the way i behave around my queer friends is how i behave around heterosexual people.

And you know what?

They really don't care. Or if they do, at least they have the courtesy to respect me and let me be. They don't question my behaviour. When they do i just reply ''i'm just a positive minded person!'' (i try to be) Is it the society i'm in or? Hmmm no... I'm in a campus that has people from all walks of life and they don't seem bothered. Catholic church clergy included. If they are then they aren't saying it in front of me. My point is this, as long as i'm not screaming in people's faces about my being queer (wearing funny clothes, jewellery and/or make up) they really don't have issues with it! At least from my experience so far... Unlike you lot who go clubbing, get beaten by bouncers, threatened by women, insulted by bus/ matatu conductors etc etc... Your attitudes and mannerisms irritate people, even your conservative queer people can't handle y'all anymore!

Yes, there are homophobes who throw really dirty comments towards all classes of queer people. What do i do? Ignore them! Or taunt them back when i'm in the mood. But note this, less hater comments are thrown at you when you dress sensibly! Being queer isn't a choice but living like one kinda is. You make decisions to go out there to purchase those stuff and flaunt them! You DON'T make the decision to be queer though! Fine, if you're a queen and you feel more pretty in effeminate wear do as you please. Wear hot pants. Apply lip gloss. Really do anything you want, but Some of us are comfy and happy the way we are... in normal everyday, casual wear! Please don't judge me and others because we're bottom and we don't dress up girly. Its just mean... so stop bullshitting others with snide comments! You lot don't want to know whats said behind your backs... Wangare Maathai dresses better even.

Oh and by the way queens, you ACTUALLY move places IN society when you conform WITH society just a little bit... Not every queen is bad or evil or mean, there's a small percentage who're ACTUALLY nice! Though I'm not even sorry that i'm posting this! TONE DOWN WITH YOUR ATTITUDES!

|back to black-Amy Winehouse|


Its been one of those weeks...Campus life is just so busy nowadays, I look forward to weekends again! And my assessment tests are about to start. "oh these papers are your CATs for Tuesday!" my lecturer said on Thursday. Really? hmmm... So this week has been interesting.

On Monday I took my schoolmate s for a blind date. That blind date asked him for booty! (what?) "I'm not a common prostitute for you to call, meet and expect me to bend for you!" said s. Oh, I was his backup. Incase anything happens im a heartbeat away. So this foolish guy swallowed. And went. We went to biiiiiiitch about it then we laughed! University is an interesting place. How they got his number I don't know...

Friday! I was looking forward to meeting fabulous m with small p and m for coffee... Sir laugh-alots boyfriend wanted to join! (shock!) so i'd invited him to come. It rained again. It rained on him. He walked into the coffee house. He looked so sexy! (sigh...) he sat. Naturally fabulous m analyzed him. I know he's shy when people he's not familiar with are around. His buddy was coming over as well. So we all chatted, f coming around as well... Because I was going for dinner with my sister and emo i had to leave early. He (nani's boyfriend) wanted to see me the next day. Agreed! Dinner went well, we went to this lovely Chinese restaurant in lavington. It would be in this restaurant where i'd see emo for the last time in a loooong while. The land of kangaroos awaits him. I will miss him. Alot. And then my sis and her friend mention some straight guy's houseparty. Mind you I had to be up at 6am to go for some I.t conference at westgate the next day. The party was SO BORING! The host was cute-ish. The rest were pot heads. Magic moments lemon remix did keep me company though. And the Osborne's. And engen is the only fuel station thats actually open all day and night. Got home at 2am...

Saturday Hangover! Shit I woke up 6am and my head... Do not mix magic moments and viceroy! BAD! I dressed and went. I got to the conference at 8 something. I was the first one there. And the youngest. It was about Twitter. It was fun! Made new friends... It ended at midday. Afterward, I went to meet him (nani's boyfriend still) for lunch. In town. I ate and he didn't. Which made me feel fat. He said he was meeting sir laugh-alot that afternoon. Apparently to talk. From the way he said it, this was not going to be an ordinary talk. "I'm leaving him. he's not expecting it." he said.


I left after lunch was had. I did NOT want to be in the vicinity of sir laugh-alot. Too bad he saw me. Luckily I was on my way out with a friend. who'd appeared two minutes earlier. I even went home after taking my friend shopping! All these thoughts were in my head... Big p was ill that week so I went to visit him... Then I went home, ate and slept. I'm still curious as to what happened between sir laugh-alot and the boyfriend...

Did they end things?

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How to end a month: January

I've come from one of those legendary weekends that leave a mark! Literally!

Friday saw me taking emo and fabulous s shopping. Emo leaves Kenya on Saturday. Emo needs random clothes. Gikomba? Yes. I dressed down. They didn't. The result? I felt soooo unattractive! That feeling lasted the whole damn day because its friday, its end-month and people have cash! Except me. I survived on 200 bob! (cheer for me now, that was painful seeing people spend 10k, and me not buying shit) Even small p and F looked amazing at friday coffee! I got home and slept...

Saturday was my sister's birthday. At her dinner, she had a water gun! Which landed in some random girls hands who chased me...until i FELL. Oh. My. Goodness. I fell down and slid like a penguin on ice! Needless to say she shot me. I limped back to the table... I have a really bruised arm, a bruised waist, and two bruised knees! Oh and a cut hand! And i was going out that night! Ouch! They still hurt! 4 bandages later i was at gypsies. For the first time. Ever. Big p, A, T, fabulous m, spec d, diplomatic one, and sir j were the group i was in. At first i was sceptical about the place, then i had fun after a few beers. That dancefloor was packed! Good fun! And then some Asian fellow wanted to take me home! Ati nini? NO! He was a ''D.I.N.O.S.A--you are a dinosaur!'' (listen to dinosaur by kesha, fun song!) he didn't even ask politely... Oh, old flame and his boyfriend were there. I have no problem with them! They look awesome together, both being tall and all... My goodness i'm so friendly hehe... Got home at 4 am. I was dropped at my estate's main gate. The watchmen were having a little bonfire. My high little self had a whole 5 minute conversation with them! ''leo ni kuruka fence'' which translates to ''i'm going to jump over the fence''. Did i? HELL NO, that fence is tall! I dialled-an-ayah...

Sunday! No electricity thanks to those wankers at kenya power and lighting company. More like kenya parafin and candles... Arses! I woke up with a glowing hoop on my arm. Its bright green. Where did it come from? Hmmm.... I slept the whole morning. Hangover? Yes. Rocky mountains, cosmo's,malts and lord knows what else i had are/were damaging...headache...oh and pains from them bruises... Emo came to spend the afternoon. Chaaaaatted till he left. Then i slept again...elec came back at 9pm! Shindwe! I ate and slept.

Now its February. Valentines day is around the corner. So are spec d's and A's birthdays. I think i have a date with someone's boyfriend as well... Hmmm... Anyhoo y'all have a great month! I don't want to know what this month will be like... OH, my marketing lecturer has a red bmw bike. I just saw him riding it into campus! That is random. Very random...

|air traffic-owl city|

Rib cracker: Kenyan resolutions 2010

I Watched a funny play on thursday called 'kenyan resolutions 2010' which is a heart strings kenya production. Highlights? They had two gay scenes there!

The play was about all the drama thats happened to kenya in the month of January. And late december. Oh yeah, the first gay scene is when a neighbour comes who's a TOTAL queen ( a queen is the girliest, most feminine kind of gay person) to talk to a girl about this philipino soap called ''storm over paradise''. That series is loved by mothers, daughters, ayahs and queens. It was rather hilarious! And theeeen there was the dating scene where there were couples in a restaurant, gay one included. In that scene, they were in the middle of dinner then a robbery happens! After the robbery the gay couple leave, the passive one saying 'screw this, we're going to get married in the uk!', which means that they were depicting those two kenyan guys in London... Wow.

At least we're being acknowledged in theatre...its a step for gays in society. Now if people would only stop pretending to be straight and some unity in the gay community happened... By the way i'm totally attending their next play!

|happy ending-Mika|
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