magic moments...

2 comments the name of a drink. Its got nothing to do with this post. What
did i do this weekend? Hmmmm....

I didn't do friday coffee! I was in school, small p was at his home
and m had gone outta town. I left campus late anyway.

Saturday, safaricom, our local cell phone sevice provider, had an 80%
off sale! I didn't buy a phone no... Though i did get a pair of cool
nokia headphones that sound wonderful. Dirt cheap! Small p and i ran
up and down town and westlands looking for them till we got them..
Also, i met miss j after months of him being m.i.a.! Had lunch with
him and another fabulous character called N, who models. And does two
degrees. Wow.

On that day i met up superman too! i hadnt seen him in two weeks.
Miss j met him! They get along. The three of us went to A and T's
place to keep A company. We ended up watching the lord of the rings
return on the king. And i magically found myself curled up next to
superman... I'm going to rewatch the lord of the rings trilogy...with
extended scenes!
I ended up cooking! A and miss j left to get something which in turn
left me alone with superman.

i got my first kiss with him!! Damn he's a kisser... Either that or i
haven't made out with anyone in a while.. Probably both. I like his
body... He's just so... Magnetic! he's like an addictive drug.. It
feels so right when im with him. Even my world went abit silent. I can
express myself clearly around him. " i love this" he said. "so do
i"...i said. We went back to the living room to watch family guy. And
cuddled. There was a storm. A quiet storm outside which meant A and
miss J would be delayed. We didnt mind at all... Now those were magic
Eventually they came back, and we had dinner. I can still tell
fabulous m doesnt like him yet. Reasons unknown. Superman is a really
good guy! Oh well maybe in time... At 10pm he and i had to leave... I
reached home a very complete person that night...

i did my assignments and presentations in readiness for the new
week-easter week btw... I have an accounting cat this week! Lord let
it be a good week...


Who is Makmende? 

Google still can't find him... Thisis Kenya's latest character. Makmende is like our own Jack Bauer. Chuck Norris. Super hero even! Created by Just a band kenya. I've died laughing at someof the statements that people have pulled off about him.For example,"Makmende is so big he can't fit in wikipedia, the m in m-pesa means makmende, When makmende tells a girl screw you she gets instantly pregnant, When makmende uppercuts a horse it becomes a giraffe..." and many many more! He originates from a video for a song by just a band called "ha-he". Which is awesome! Its airing on many telly stations... And yes i know this post has no title. Makmende removed it.

Much the success of Makmende that even the wall street journal wrote about it on their blog. They (just a band) appeared in Yesterday's newspaper, the daily nation,on page 3. I'm very happy for them!An excerpt from them: "Conjuring up references to 1970s cult classics like “Shaft,” Just-a-Band’s latest video, “Ha-He,” introduces the fictional Makmende sporting shades, chains, an Afro pick and what appears to be polyester. Directed by Jim Chuchu and Mbithi Masya, the clip is a tribute to “ass-kicking” of days past — even the name “Makmende” is a throwback to a word used in mid-1990s Nairobi to connote a know-it-all or local hero (and bully.)" The article can be found here.

Here's the video. Enjoy...


Its been one of those absolutely testing weeks... So many things happening with so little time to handle others let alone get time to yourself.

So school's been terrible this week. i have two weeks until my semester finals start and lecturers are rushing to have us finish our classes on time... Also, the workloads been hefty but miaow miaow miaow, i've finished most of them... Every morning see me waking up in a foul mood or waking up happy then something happens and boom! bad moods again. And it doesn't help when your classmates are strssing you OR you have to go chasing people all over campus because you lent them a scientific calculator (the most essential tool for a business student) with a good heart and they dont give it back! That was so stressing especially on math day! (thats wednesday,all my units on that day are math related) Luckily i deployed some friends of mine in that programme to seek and retrieve it. I was not about to go and buy another one. They're expensive! And i'll get a lecture from my siblings about loosing them... Again.

There are elections going on in my campus and i have to keep jumping into classrooms because of being ambushed by these running candidates. Yes. Running candidates. They run around campus and ambush you with their wierd policies! Its time wasting and i find it irritating when they pressure you for that vote! 

I've been wanting to scream my head off! Stress does that to people. I've wanted to skip aday or two of school but then again i hold an excellent track record of attending class--i'm yet to miss one this semester. Instead i just keep pushing myself. Push push push!!! If i ever want to get my phd on time i need to just push on. Its a good thing i set that as my goal. Everyday i see range rovers and i'm like "i'm going to have my own soon". Thats one of few things thats keeping me motivated. I have candy in the name of licorice at home, that i use to reward myself for getting through the day. I forgot to take one yesterday.Yaey two for me today! Oh well. This is campus life.I suppose life in the working world is a whole lot worse... OH, i'm toying with the idea of being a personal assistant. As a career. 3 peoplehave told me i could make a pretty good one. I'm still thinking about it. I havent settled on what path i should major in..

On that note i do NOT look forward to the weekend. Mainly because i have nothing planned. It seems that it might be a boring one... Oh well..

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That bloody blue bird

Twitter's  a very interesting website. Social networking site. Microblogging site if you may! Unlike fakebook you communicate in exaclty 140 characters. no more than that. I've been on it for about a year now... Well i find it both good and bad.

It's good when you're following hollywood stars. Oh, following. Ypu search for people and "follow" them, much like being a fan of them or something. And people follow you. Now theres an interesting amount of Kenyans on it, both queer and heterosexual. Except you wouldn't know unless:
a) they tell you theselves
b) You translate their posts and figure it out OR
c) someone else tells you which could be fact or fiction.

Quite personally i think its just interesting. I've made friends from Arizona to Zimbabwe. One thing i do hate is SPAM! especially from those who try to make a living by displaying their body's orifices on webcams. No pussyxx09 i will NOT view your webcam! The site is interesting for breaking news and the inside story on random stuff. That whole finger of God rubbish broke out there through a Kenyan media gossip site which so far has been preeeeeeeeety accurate! Even though it seems to dislike queer people..oh well... Everyone important seems to have a twitter account nowadays. The times (or was it news week?) did an issue about it...The site really does have potential but they just need to sort out the way it gets too packed, until loading the site becomes a problem..

Anyhoo my biggest negative point about it is that it has alot of dependancy on the sphere of influence you have on tweets in order for people to follow you. What if you're just a normal student like me? I dont have many followers nor do i follow many people...Just those that matter to me. Nevertheless its certainly changing how people talk.

Are YOU on twitter?

a fine weekend

Yet another week gone by... Unlike most, my new week starts on a
Monday and ends on a Sunday. what did i do this week, random posts

well, remember i said i was going to return to blackberry or symbian?
I've gone back to symbian. A very decent device in the name of an
E61i. I bought it from my cousin at a very reduced price! Im very
pleased. But very broke now haha! Im going to have fun with the campus
wireless on this device... And posting too! I've totally configured it
for mail. So i ought to shutup about smartphones for a while now..

i learned that morning that a certain japanese producer/musician died!
My favourite one from that country. nujabes died a month ago and his
family announced it thursday. Sad. To cheer myself up i took small p
and m to my favourite art gallery, the ramoma, in parklands on Friday.
It was just the 3 of us. One ride later we were there...i love how it
was an old manor that got new life breathed into it! They had
wonderful classical music playing in the background. Time flies when
you're having fun! We went for a bogof pizza day at a food court.
Delicious pizzas...i take comfort in saying that small p and m have an
equally large appetite like mine! 6 large slices later i was stuffed!
And it was coffee time. A and F joined us there. It was really good,
we sat and talked useful things. We even got big cookies for free!
Yaey! I was so full i doggy bagged them...

...and had them for breakfast on saturday. I had insomnia that
previous night and didn't sleep until 5.30am! I slept for 4 hours...
On this day sir j had a barbeque planned. It had taken the best part
of two weeks to organize it... I wouldn't see superman though. We'll
meet next weekend hopefully. Anyhoo, i got dressed and left. Naturally
there were issues with a certain mother dearest which i averted. I got
to A and T's and then we left for sir j's place. Getting there was
fun, quite a drive...we picked up a certain diplomatic one on the way

i like garden barbeques! With nice sunny (but looming rain in the
distance) it was wonderful...lots of meat and drinks! All bets were on
me to black out. Did i? Heeeell no! A got smashed by 11pm. He was
officially the first one out! It rained very heavily at one point so
we relocated indoors. I was drinkimg like a gentleman, it was alot but
i was drinking juices inbetween. I was merely tipsy. I kept checking
on A though. The car made a comfy place for him to sleep. later in the
night as more guests came an amarula was brought...watching cartoons
in the tv room with amarula's fun! T was just wasted. That was funny!
Everyone else very tipsy. Then i got high! But politely. By this time
it was 2am. I curled up and and slept on a very comfy lounge chair...
i woke up two hours later. All the guests had gone, it was just big p
and fabulous m chatting with sir j. We ended up talking until 5am!
Thats when we left. I got home at 6am! And into my bed. I slept for 4
hours. Again. I had to wake up and do school work and the hangover i
had was ghastly! Got into trouble with mother. The price? Doing chores
with a hangover! Sheeeeeet its nasty...

all in all it was a great weekend! I hope this week shan't be a
stressful one...

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Some pretty Fishy business going on

Some not so queer post!

So i watched the news for like the first time since....last week. I usually read the newspaper instead because it has wider coverage and it has some positive news in it! Televised news nowadays sends people into depressions.

ANYHOO, a story on the news upset me. you all know that we have a nice lake called lake naivasha right? Well, fish have been dying in large numbers, by the hundreds. People caused and panicked! So the government sent a commission/inquiry to find out why they're dying.... Oh joy. Maybe because NEMA are collaborating they might find useful results. See everyone thinks (and probably knows) its the chemicals from the many flower farms in the area that are being drained into the lake that are killing the fish...

Not according to a peculiar government official though...

He said that the recent heavy rains brought sediments from the run offs and silt from rivers. Thats what killed the fish. According to the findings he got that is.

*pin drop silence*

Ah ah! Ati nini? What was that?

MY GOODNESS THATS BULLSHIT!!! First of all thats basically saying the FISH DROWNED THEMSELVES IN THEIR OWN WATER!! REALLY??? I know fish have unique breathing systems that allow them to breath through silt. Idiot ministry GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEARN! How dare you bullshit the public like that?? Thats just preposterous! I have a sinking feeling some people were paid off by those farms...some of which are owned by top (grafty) people in the society... Or did the fish commit mass suicide because they thought the world was ending? Underwater explosions? Heating of the lake? Superior species eating them? Even I have better fake reasons to give!

That statement he said rivals that 9 billion shilling 'typing error' some finance minister mentioned. And our dear government spokesman's statement of piracy in the sea, very famous one: ''a carjacking of the sea has occured.'' Oh. My. Goodness! People with doctrates saying such! You know they forget people's livelihoods depend on that lake. Tourism, fishing, recreation... Someone SURELY needs to go and bring better findings with SOLID evidence!

I just stopped watching the news or telly after that... This country has drama! 3 months and counting...

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Just A second (apex remix)

I fell in love with the song! And the car in it! And the game. I've been playing Gran Turismo Since i got my first playstation. Infact i long for the day when i get a PS3. GT5 is amazing.... I especially LOVE the graphics! So totally real!

It's a loud song. With such fitting lyrics! I've played it like 14 times... It's by some guy called London Elektricity! Its so exciting to discover music! Best played loud.

queer PDA

My random posts begin as promised.

PDA Does not mean Personal Digital Assistant! It means Public Displays of Affection. This was the MOST Common cause of detention in high school! Obviously horny boys and silly girls used to hug for loooong periods of time or make out or smack their arses in public! Infact i remember i got lunchtime Detention because i sorta smacked a guy's bum after swimming. The physical ed teacher saw...

On saturday i was thinking about it. Just as we parted ways i really wanted to give him a big long hug, i could see it in his eyes too. But we couldn't. Sadly in east Africa gays showing PDA get into some serious trouble on the streets.. Only in the night will you find two guys closely together. But even at that time there are risks. Though nairobi city hasn't had a homophobic attack on queers lately it could happen because of what the media fuels about queer people. And why do people feel the need to get violent when they find out someone's queer? I have never understood that! No really, is it jealousy or? Why the hate? Why can't guys show their feelings and emotions for each other in public like heterosexual couples do? Its soooo not fair... It shouldn't be just behind closed doors.

Someday soon men will walk together hand in hand with their men. OH, no one seems to mind lesbians that much! Or at all for that matter. Hypocrisy at its finest.

** by the by, wise Gay Nairobi Man published a post about the same topic just before this one went up... I find that very interesting...

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Living life as is normal. Ish.

I've been having writers block lately...ever had that feeling of you wanna say something but don't know how to? Long post ahead.

School's a killer! I think i've lost weight because of it! (i kid you not) So many assignments and these continuous assessment tests (they live up to their name) leave me with precious little time to do anything. Even on weekends. Luckily i've got a short easter break around the corner soon. Okay, so someone in our society passed away recently. I didn't know him personally but i can feel how people, his friends have been affected. God rest his soul in peace...

SO, ever had a REALLY awkward moment? Someone who was in the same campus with me whom i never suspected was queer appears at my friends house, and before he came i was told a queer fellow was on his way. Naturally i was ok with it. Until he came. Foot in mouth? Yes. He's so hip-hop-ish and he's a bottom! Wow. Life's interesting innit?

I recently went for a conference called the 1%conference, about we young aspiring entrepreneurs and philanthropists coming together to share ideas. It would be on this day i wore official wear (i'm rarely seen in such attire) and right there would be intelligent d, the ever eccentric y and her man. It was VERY interesting. I made new friends there. It was macbook central. Goodness i should work towards getting one-when i have a career lol! Oh but naturally there were mishaps. (as usual) Intelligent one decided he's showing me attitude because ''he didn't want to sit in the back row''. It wasn't the back row to begin with! And i was sitting with a bloke who was all alone but very interesting (works for the film commission in I.T) to talk to & i thought it would be rude to up and leave. ''alright go, i'll remain here'' i said. He didn't speak to me properly the rest of the day. I don't really care, i'm allergic to people's bullshit! Yes! I learned that a while back.

I went for the usual friday meet with my friends. This time it was large again. The usual suspects were there. Somehow, i've noticed, they enjoy teasing me about how i speak or names or past drunken actions. This has become boring and unbearable. It is mean. It was funny the first few times but now its just annoying. I wanted to up and leave but again yeah, it would've been rude. I miss coffee meets when it was just small p, m and i. We rarely even talk about personal issues now with such big company.

I spent the best part of saturday with superman! He's really cool! I quite like him... I'm happy when he's around... Amidsts people's massive hints of being in town i kept quiet. I just wanted to spend the afternoon alone with him. Went to see big p after that. Again i was home on a saturday night.

Mind you, my classmate bought my smartphone. So i'm currently thinking of what to replace it wish. I'll save up abit first.. I'll try to blog more (even if its silly thoughts) over the week! I've become a total bore nowadays. I don't even watch cartoons or animations any more... Shock!

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So this wasn't the best weekend... Save for one significant occurrence it was nothing to write home about.

Lets see, i didn't get alone time with superman because i freaked out (sorta) and instead ended up introducing him to small p. Oh, before that he met big p and T. He came over but T was ill and despite him saying he could leave i felt it would've been abit nasty to do that to an ill chap... So we went to town while the rest, save for T, went out. At least small p approves of him...

Later he walked me to my bus stop. On the way there we had an interesting discussion that led to us defining what we had! (not my fault haiku) well, i'd asked what we were... He's like 'he didn't know...' Interesting. He really likes me, even though he's never said it directly i can tell. He's the typical guy who does't express his feelings directly. 'we seem to be like boyfriends' he said. 'Indeed..' i said. So just like that we gave what we meant to each other a name! Inside me a million feelings. He hugged me goodbye and we parted ways...

I was so content inside me on my way home... I passed through T's to check up on how he's doing then got home spectacularly early. Only the ayah and biggest sister were home. Everyone else had gone out. I was asleep by 10pm. On a saturday night. But before that a prayer. Yeah i prayed to a Good God to bless my new 'thing' i have with superman. May it last a very long time. I believe it will. I hope. I might not sound like it now but know i'm very happy with what i have with superman! Wish me luck.

I spent my whole sunday watching top gear. Haven't touched a single book. Its taken my family two days to notice i've shaved my hair. Wow... And life continues...

|turn the page to love again----->to love again-Alicia Dixon|

Bank that bitch right there!

Before i start i didn't mean to come out as a total bitch! Shit happens.

So the cats came and went! I still have one more this coming week... Academics is battering me but as always, i survive.

Not that its a big deal but today i went to a bank alone for the first time ever! Indeed, an account was opened after a certain cuppatea was pulled for marketing tactics by two bankers visiting campus! I needed to open one anyway and i'm told banks generally have the same i picked one thats generic. Anyhoo i went. They'd texted my account number which i forgot to save somewhere which was promptly deleted when the phone was clearing inboxes... Explaining that story was soooo funny, i was totally nervous! They sorted me out though. My branch is so... Ordinary. Nothing to write home about. I filled in that deposit form like a student who knew NOTHING in an exam! So many boxes to fill... I carried an extra form with me to the counter just incase i messed up the first one.

I didn't! Yaey me! Goodness that was such an experience. With time i'll get used to it.

I'm tired of hair so i shaved bald again! Watch how people will mistake me for a tourist again...

Superman is fine, hopefully seeing him tomorrow. I'm abit nervous! We're meeting at a friends house. Alone. It was his idea! Its that or a restaurant. I've been told he won't try anything BUT from experience with guys i have a sneaky suspicion about what might happen. I'll keep you posted on that one. Oh i'm supposed to be attending a classmates party and i REALLY don't wanna go! He'll be upset. Maybe i ought to. Its a tough call. I'll look like a bitch if i don't go. Can't i buy him a beer later? I'll see. I really want to spend time with superman... Speaking of which, we're not defined yet. What are we? I haven't a clue, lets see how things form...

I had coffee with my straight friend today. We used to be schoolmates. He's just gotten twin rating in piloting. I admit i've forgotten what its like to 'hang out' with heterosexuals on a friendly basis. Usual friday coffee meet with small p and f. I'd wanted it to be just the two of us but this guy called, then f called and i didn't wanna look like some bitch by refusing company. BUT, D called small p. Small p said he was coming. I said he wasn't. He said he was on his way. I told him 'he will not come here.' BAM! There's the bitch moment you've been waiting for. I don't want to see him! Why? I just don't, period. Small p told him i didn't wanna see him. I just didn't care. Cold? Yes. It would have been SO AWKWARD! So coffee was done. I did not change my persona. Still my queer self! Either this friend of mine didn't notice or he didn't care. See, by being yourself things work out! Sometimes that is.

No one has cheesecake or apple pie! I'm disappointed with restaurants in the city, they never have any when i'd like some! It's always finished. Sigh... Ok that was a random thought...Why is it when i'm not stressed i tend NOT to be able to sleep? It should be the opposite! Yet another random thought right there.... I'll stop here for now.

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End February: Hello March

Ola senors and senoras! I'm alive. And well. And Randomly in the month of March (wasn't new years just the other day?). I haven't been up to much... I've had exams that've made me scream in agony, they're still going on! I don't even wanna know what the end of semester exam's going to be like... I've been reading lots (linear programming can be a bitch goodness!) and resting.

I spent Friday indoors. No coffee meet on this day which felt TOTALLY wierd! small p and m had exams. So i watched movies the whole damn day! Like that silly one called "post grad" (cliche!!!). And some documentary film hybrid called "paper heart" (interesting) and "i love you Beth Cooper" (funny! sweet.) I know they're all girly movies... screw it, i'm a gay guy i get away with watching these things! >:)

So To end February the guys and i went to maasai land! To eat that yummy meat. By the guys i mean A, T, fabulous m, big p, sir j and his buddy, some randomly straight but sort of good looking guy friend of big p's and myself. We left in a convoy to travel aaaalll the way to a Meat place about 40kms out of Nairobi called ole polos. Great place! It's got AMAZING views of plains, hills and plateaus... The drive there is especially fun! Anyone can do it in a normal car. Or big one. 
Half a goat later we left. It had been raining all afternoon intermittently, which i see as blessings, we headed out to this awesome place called Rolphs place. On the way there, the car i was in, a benz, got issues! Electrics went out. The wiper and lights, everything! Apparently the fuses wich had been replaced a few days earlier hadn't been tightened. That was rather scary, we sort of delayed people because we needed a gas station to see the engine proper (A benz should never have its bonnet open anywhere else other than a garage, home or service station/gas station). Anyway we got there! It's a lodge built into a hill. It has a suspension rope bridge which people were sorta scared to cross on...But they did thank goodness. We were the only patrons there! I officially love that place! i need to see it during the day to fully appreciate the place... 
We left because it was getting late and people needed to go home. A brief stop over at a food court for pizza and tea because of that traffic! When it rains in Nairobi people loose all sense of driving and drive like medieval drivers! 
We went home afterwards to open a bottle of bubbly that was meant to be opened when A and i were there together. See it's been sitting since christmas! Remember bombay saphire and how i blacked out? It was meant for that thanksgiving dinner... We popped open two or three bottles of champagne and wine... By this time it was 1am. Fabulous m went to bed (I win! he blacked out first) and then i was taken home up the road. That sleep was awesome! That's one day that i'll have in my memories for a loooong time!

I didn't see superman this weekend. I call him that because of a joke we made, Eminem's song, and that name sorta stuck on him.. He was out of town.Still talked to him though. Wish he'd have come for the trip, though i get the feeling that my friends don't like him that well. How do i know this? I had headphones on but no song playing (looking for something to play on T's lappie) then i overheard them talking. Daaaayum. Further investigations will be done with straightforward questions to be asked soon. 

Sunday was spent typing a 20something paged term paper. Which i finished thank goodnessin one day! I didn't have a hangover for a change... I watched "penguins of Madagascar"during a break i had, It's slooowly becoming a favourite! I especially love rico! He's sooo random....

Ok now i'm in a new a new month, I've know superman for 3 months (interesting), i've been socially active, and i'm being harrased by education! I wonder what march has in store...

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