this is what happened

I promised yesterday i'd reveal what happened on saturday that people didnt want to tell me immediately...right? This is what happened.

So as i was writing yesterday's post, spec d calls me. "how're you?" he asks. "i'm good, just lounging..." i tell him. "Are you ok after saturday?" he asks... "the hangovers definately gone" i say. "No i mean after what happened on saturday, are the guys still mad at me?" asks spec d.
"i dont know, spec d what happened? Whatever you did has them totally upset with you." i said.
"umm, they found me in the room with my pants and belt undone and your boyfriend has no clothes on, the door was locked and i really cant remember anything but you lectured me and forgave me so yeeeah...." he said.

long silence.

"hello?" he asks.
"you were found in a room with my boyfriend???" i asked. I think i yelled that statement because my sister heard...
"can i call you back?" i ask. I was in shock. I just couldn't believe it! I called T.
"hi, sorry to wake you up but just got a call from spec d saying that you guys found him with superman naked or something?" my voice was shaking i remember..
"ummm, can you come over? We need to talk." T says. "ill be there in 15mins" i said.
I didn't even wash my face or have tea i literally ran to T's place. Over there, we made tea and then we sat.
"has he told you anything? Superman that is?" T asks. "no...he hasn't..." i say. "oh". Said he.

he went on to explain that spec d was correct. Shit. I just sat there, unexpressionless. You know the thing with spec d is that he's an experienced drinker, when he's high he'll know what he's doing regardless of what he drinks... Superman i'm told was totally plastered... Sigh. So i thanked T for his time and went home, i had enough laundry to do.

I doubt ill ever wash clothes like that again... So much anger and hurt! But i thought about it in the process. People do stupid things when they're drunk. Or so they say. I'd asked superman after that visit to T's place, what happened?. "we need to talk" he said. I live on one side of the city and he on the other. The quickest way? Instant messaging. We talked for an hour... To cut a long conversation short, superman said he couldnt remember how he got into the room but he's very sorry about all this. (yeah either spec d or superman is lying, damn.) i can't prove anything! And i really REALLY like superman.

what to do?

I went to spend the afternoon at S's place... I told him about it. He's like "if you really like him stay but how do you know it wont happen again?" i don't know...
I went home, had dinner then folded all my clothes. I met superman on the I.M again. Here he told me he'd been feeling so down and he's sorry all this happened. He said it doesn't change how he feels about me... I told him i just want us to go back to being happy...

So thats that, i'm going to be man enough to put this incident behind me and just move on.

|come in with the rain- Taylor Swift|

how to begin a holiday

Where do i start... Yeah its been a crazy couple of days! I keep meaning to write something but stuff always comes my way and i end up not writing...

So i'm finally on holiday! After my last exam on wednesday, i literally ran outta that exam room! My classmate took us to her home for was quite nice! Then i ran to town to meet m and small p... We spent it catching up.. Dashed home and cooked after. The ayah still hasn't returned! Sigh...
Thursday! I cleaned that house from top to bottom and it was sparkling! I had somewhere to go that afternoon, to meet the guys for coffee. Sir j's birthday was the day before... So this was a fun coffee and cake thing. It was quite nice!
i wasn't meant to go anywhere Friday, but it was M's 21st birthday on saturday and small p and i wanted to make that last day special.. So we met very early with small p to discuss what to do and get for him. Somehow, we ended up going to see m at his campus! Even better, cousin came over! Yeeees we haven't seen him in a while. We decided to go to luna park to ride a banana that rotates 360... It. Was. FUN!!! the first round i nearly peed on myself laughing at some bloke-while we were doing the whole rotating thing! He cried and was just hilarious! The second round saw me laughing again after a girl's cleavage nearly fell off when we were upside down! Oh lord, homeward bound after...

Saturday would see me sleep outside the house. Big p was throwing sir j a small get together for very close friends. Once more, this became something interesting... Superman would be my plus one. Its time everyone got to know him abit better. So he came abit late. 8pm. This was a soiree that started at 3. Yes i was high. No matter, he was there... By the way big p made some chicken that i'll have fond memoirs about. Even when you're so so full you still want more! As the evening progressed i got more high. Bombay sapphire and drostdy-hof were there, two drinks i quite like! At one point superman and i went into a room and made out. Alot! No sex though. He has a nice body...
we had to join everyone else again. Lots of dancing! Now this is where i start not being able to remember sections of the party. There's another gin in a green bottle that really set me off! So randomness begun... Especially now when guests were coming more and more..

Somehow, i've promised this pretty lesbian that i'll marry her when i'm 35 and give her a house and a lexus. To make things even more interesting, i threw out garbage that night. Not refuse garbage, human garbage, takataka, ghasia even. Those SWV's gate crashed the party! Classless bitches! How dare they! The entrance fee to that soiree was a double shot of gin or brandy. I was holding a brandy bottle. I made them more high, THEN i threw them out. Physically! "who are you to come here uninvited, can you get out!!! TOKA!!!" i said. "just go" said fabulous m. He wasn't amused. And i think thats how my sandal cut. I can vaguely remember giving one them a kick in their arse! They came even after being told not to! Shameless scanks...
**Something bad happened at that party that people wont tell me. At least not yet. But it's had spec D expelled from that house of big p. I dont know what it is yet...but everyone's not amused. **a new development occured when i was writing this post. To be explained later.

Now how am i in bed and whose arm is this around my torso? Superman. Sleeping like a child. Oh my goodness the headache that came! Once again a mother of hangovers had to be nursed! I went to sleep again. I woke up and felt abiiit naughty. And i was in my boxers... He woke up and oh my goodness... I need to wake up like that more often! Sadly still no sex. I really wonder what freaks him out.... Sigh. Did i mention the nice body? Oh well...

i went to big p's to help clean up then i went home. At home i just ate, helped to cook and then i slept... Now its monday. Tomorrow ill explain what development i learned today.

|telephone-Lady gaga ft. Beyonce|

highlights of a long week

And this week draaaaaaaaged! Im glad its over. I've been shagged
senseless by some exams, got drunk, fell ill, got wet.....

Yes exams... Semester finals are always tormenting. As the lecturers
said on the last day of class, "tuta kutana mtihani" (we'll meet in
the exams) albeit in written form. Confusion the end! Oh my goodness i
never finished my statistics paper! Mind went blank somewhere... I can
only hope for the best. I have two more to go then my holidays begin!
But these exams are giving me a serious beating!
So on friday after my exam, i went to visit T. He also had an exam but
the poor bloke had transnighted. Talking to him was like talking to a
zombie.... I decided to leave and go see big p. What was meant to be a
10 minute visit turned into a wine drinking spree! Oh my.... See, sir
j came along and it was hard to leave. We always crack stories and
jokes so time flies.... So does the wine. Big p brought in my
favourite wine, a caskful actually. So bottoms upping that ended
rather....randomly! All i remember is fabulous m and T coming. A came

I woke up the next day in bed. My sister hadnt got home yet...
Something about her being in westlands still, at 5.45am. I had a
killer hangover! And now i had to make her bed such that it looked
like she came and went. Luckily she came in an hour later and blacked
out in her bed.....and then mother dearest tried to wake her up 5 mins
later to go for a wedding. No luck there...

later that day i had a date with superman! After doing the house,
ayah's not back yet. I was totally hangovered! I was doing chores and
i still felt high! Anyhoo, i went to town. Meeting superman is like
euphoric for me. I was getting a soda to energize me....then he
appeared. He makes me so happy! We went umbrella shopping. I got
rained on the morning before so i did my exam damp....not cool! We
went for lunch later on. I think the whole world knew we were on a
date because people were giving us wierd looks! Waitress included.
Quite frankly i dont care...
Did i mention i wrote him a love letter? Yes yes, old fashioned i
know. But i thought he deserved one...

i went home afterwards. Cooking. I wasn't feeling well, been tryna
combat a flu. Unsuccessfully. Just before i put my leg in the bed A
calls and says someone wants to see me. So few minutes later he comes
with a ride load of people and inside was girl k! I've missed her....
Then i got snuck out for yet another get together. Gothic one was
there as well... I had just taken my meds, and i was so so tired and
sleepy. And there were people i didnt like. Either im getting old, or
i'm becoming a snob, because nowadays i leave parties incredibly
early. I didnt care... My bed was a safe haven for me. By the by,
zappa tastes like strepsils!

Now its sunday. Its cold. I can't do laundry, its cold and wet. I have
to read for an exam thats tomorrow morning...i totally cant wait for
the holidays to start!

|trains and winter rains-Enya|

the definition of awkward

Where the hell do i begin? Saturday was a day unlike no other. It
would be one awkward day... Its a long post, you might want to pour
yourselves a stiff drink or make yourselves comfy.

I broke my rite of staying home over weekends to read for semester
finals, to go on a date with superman. I hadn't seen him in almost two
weeks. So i went! My cheerful self and i walked in that wonderful
sunshine happy that i was going to see a special someone.... Until i
get a text saying "i've bumped into sir laughalot and we're heading to
the foodcourts, please come." immediately i stopped. Smack in the
middle of Kenyatta avenue! "i don't think thats a good idea" i sent
back. "its alright just come" was the reply i got. I didn't like this.
I had a bad bad feeling inside. So i walked.

I got to the foodcourt where they were. I met schoolboy m along the
way with his friend. They said they just saw sir laugh alot with
superman. Oh boy. I walked on. By this time i'd prepared myself
psychologically! Hope for the best but expect the worst. There they
were... And christ superman was looking hot! I saw stress written on
his forehead though. Hugged the both of them hello and sat next to
superman. After greetings no beatings around the bush were done. Sir
laughalot got straight to the point.
"this bonehead has told me something interesting!" he says. "he's told
me something i dont believe and i want you to prove me wrong."
My power stance came into place. Clearly this is what i was expecting!
Sir laughalot had found out superman and i were an item.
"go ahead" i say.
"he (superman) tells me you two are a couple."
"before i begin sir laughalot, describe what you understand by my
character and situation."
"last time i left you, you had a 'no dating' policy given your
disastrous, previous relationship which ended badly. The cuppatea i
know doesn't jump into things."
"interesting." he's right. But certain situations arise that make
one's character change.
At this point i realized i had nothing further to hide. I was tired.
It was time to handle this professionally.
"well, superman's right. We're an item, just marked a month and a few
days officially as one."
"i see."
now he turns to superman. "i thought you told me you're going
straight." "whats this i've just heard?"
Superman had the most serious face i've seen him employ. Oh boy.
"i told you i was thinking about it. It didn't happen." he said.
As they were talking i had to send a group text to my close friends
telling them what has happened! This situation was getting lots more
wierd and awkward!!
i had to tell sir laughalot how superman and i ended up. He definately
wasnt laughing. Ofcourse i told him i had no influence in his getting
dumped. (duh i didnt)
Then sir laughalot says something even more interesting! APPARENTLY,
he wanted superman back! What! Yes, last weekend he called superman
saying he wanted him back etc etc. Superman told him he was seeing
someone else. So they'd organized for a meeting. This is how the cat
ran outta the bag (like a bat on fire from hell).
now a wierd silence settled in.
"very interesting". I said.
now sir laughalot was pissed off. I don't blame him, anyone would.
"what happened to that rule of friends never dating their ex's?" sir
laughalot asks. Personally i think thats bullshit. Its selfish and
immature. Naturally i didn't tell him that. What i said was "happiness
was right infront of me, what can i say, he and i have chemistry. And
wouldn't think its abit selfish to employ such a rule when one is
compatible with someone else?"
he shakes his head and says no. How mature.
Bear in mind superman and i are supposed to be on a date. So we leave.
Sir laughalot inserts himself into the plan. WTF! despite MASSIVE
hints telling him superman and i want to be alone he stayed. Shit. So
i texted m and small p. They replied saying they're on their way. Hang
in there.

At java. Akward silence continued. We talked about other things but
silence maintained. I'd resorted to my apple pie. Oh yes, the one
shitty afternoon im not liking is when apple pie avails itself. I
devoured it. "oh i hope i wasn't interupting anything between you two"
sir laughalot says. Bastard. he succeeded in ruining my happy day! 30
minutes later small p and m come. The tension that was there got

finally sir laughalot left. Then i told small p and m everything. We
decided to move to our usual place now. Comfy couches. On the walk
there i got to talk to superman. "at least thats over and done with."
i said. "yeah..." said he. I could tell he was in a mood. I was too. I
cheered him up abit while we were all having coffee... Then he had to
leave, said he needed to be home early. I escorted him and cam back. F
was there too, having being briefed about the situation. We had our
drinks and left. I met sir j briefly, told him what happened. I went
home. I had to read! Then checking my facebook i see sir laughalots
update. I was insulted. Via status update. Another mass group text.
"ignore him" everyone said. So i did. i read until 2am. I couldn't
even sleep nicely... but at least thats behind me. Now i can be with
superman in peace. I hope.

|au diable nos adeux-zazie|

online rudeness from abroad shocker

You know, just when i thought all this "queers are evil" nonsense
stopped, i stumbled upon something that grabbed my attention! I caught
this on twitter, i follow people and someone tweeted something about
some shit website...

So there is a website called This website is
literally promoting hate about queer people and is using Kenya, my
country, to promote homophobia! On religious grounds! Its gone as far
as putting posters of GALK manager David on their site! This is
terrible! Its bringing back memories of a Kenyan website, or forum,
that used to out queer people in kenya by putting up their names and
details on the site. As in they'd befriend you on facebook as a queer
person and then gather personal info about you, get close to you, then
shit happens. It was shut down. But this nasty site from the states
cant, seeing as its hosted there and they have liberal laws that
protect them from various aspects. OH they designed "not wanted"
posters and are putting them up in towns. Its not just Nairobi alone,
Nakuru, Eldoret, Mombasa.... I mentioned it was doing this ati on
"religious" grounds. Che! I know sexuality is not a choice. That site
is so full of bullshit its astounding...Something needs to be done
about this before it turns ugly like it did in Uganda with a certain
pastor Ssempa's campaings. Sincerly speaking how are queers evil
people? And why did they pick my country? It is very sad. Anyway i
hope karma goes round knocking on their doors, what goes around comes

Then again i live through things like this... We just cope.

|On the wing-Owl city|

easter break


Happy easter! A belated one. But with hapiness all the same... This
has been one boring holiday!

superman went upcountry with his family which i expected but at the
same left me thoroughly bored. So i did what any other person does;
turn to your friends---who're busy or also plotless! Small p was with
his family then he went for a random trip...m is still upcountry...
Sigh. I tried to think of all the possible places to go... Nothing. If
its not having company its the fact that i've been there already! I
went to see A & T friday. Just for a short while. I couldnt read (and
i totally have semester finals next week: oh oh) at home... Its very
bad when you stare at a page for a whole hour...

Saturday would see me spend the day at their place as well. A small
get together would happen in the evening. I went home, ate showered
and came back (snuck outta home) and it was well underway. By the way
i was in pyjamas! I kid you not! I told them earlier i'd come in my
jammies i dont think they believed me. The usual suspects were there
plus two new faces. I won't lie, i got bored. Its sounds silly but i
reeeeally missed superman (who sent me a wonderful photo; we were
fooling around with multimedia messaging) and the choices in drinks
were.... Ok it was vodka and white wine. I prefer liquer/beer and red
wine... And i just felt really wierd about it all! Tried to shake it
off...but that nagging feeling just didnt wanna go away. When they
went to stock up at 1am, i tagged along. Told A to drop me after their
done shopping. I just wasnt feeling that whole gig. Its very unusual
of me to feel that way! So i got home and slept. At 2am. Isn't that

Easter Sunday was just dull! Still no motivation to read (why did i
bring out those notes in the first place?) so i bummed, listened to
music, took naps... Then a blackout. There was some lovely afternoon
sunshine out, so i literally lay down in the lawn and basked like my
dog does. I seem to be a fan of gaming again, took my brothers psp and
played mortal kombat. Lots. Then i slept.

Easter Monday. Im still in the house. I've done most of my assignments
now i wanna clear my closet (haha!) of clothes i never wear. The
ayah's going on leave, might as well give those to her. My goodness i
need to excite my life even more... This weekend surely belonged to an
old person and most certainly not me! Oh the picture, thats the city
clock in a certain supermarket at 1am...

|innocence-Avril Lavigne|

Thats not news

Oh look! Yet another famous musician has admitted his sexuality (why do they hide when they sing such songs that become our anthems?) in a very bold fashion...
His most sexiness Enrique Martín Morales otherwise known as Ricky Martin told the whole world he's queer. Well then... i had the sneakiest suspicion about that when i was what, like 12 years old? Infact i've won a bet, my friends in high school said he's not queer! i said he is. So HA! In your face! I'm going to track down my old classmate and claim 50 bob...  What straight man looks soooooo sexay and pulls of such flamboyant dance moves? And that song with Christina Agulera, "nobody wants to be lonely" just screams "omg i'm queer and i hate being lonely"!
Sadly CNN and the rest of the world have made a big deal about it... I wish i could remember the day George Michael came out. Was it like this? Good for though, he gets to be famous AND be himself openly... 
Well then, some others should follow suit. I will not mention names (Trey songs!) but they sing songs with Toni Braxton about being "so yesterday". 


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