Oh, Really?: Ending August

don't you just love their bodies?
I have a new found respect for Rugby players! You're like "what's this guy rambling about now" right? Read and see, i'd imagine a very Haute Haiku will be VERY pleased... and no nothing broke thank goodness...

I’ve returned from one spectacular weekend unlike no other, and it was totally RANDOM! So it was big p and A’s birthday weekend and we were throwing them a party at their place… But before that….
I was at my friend’s place. How did I end up at his place? The night before we had a chat on fakebook. He was out on the rave, I was indoors. He was heading to a certain club that had another seeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxy bar tender! So I told him if he see that fellow he ought to say hi right, and that turned into a private message about how we haven’t seen each other in a while. We agreed to meet the next day. It’s gonna be a social visit riiiiight? He’s huge! He plays rugby. He’s also quite smart! And funny! So we met up, got lunch and headed back to his place to catch up. We got vodka along the way. Here in Kenya when guests are entertained it’s seen as another reason to drink! Special.

We sat like two teenagers hanging out, on opposite ends of the room. BTW fresh orange juice and vodka work! Esp this one called Count Pushkin! As cheap as it is its really not that bad….Oh God!  Then we mysteriously ended up sitting together. Oh he got high because he was hangovered, so it was easy for him. A little bit over a quarter of that vodka I felt it check in. Sitting next to this big guy got me comfy! Feet up and all… and then…..

We kissed! Oh yes, we made out passionately and got ourselves twisted! “you wanna do the naughty?” he asked? “hell yes!” I replied with a cheeky grin. And just like that I was carried very easily into the bedroom where we stripped and got dirrrrrrrrrrty! And he’s BIG! OH. MY. GOD! And he’s got moves! That man did me like the most seductive man on this planet and I’m not saying this because I’ve had a sexual hiatus for a year! DAMN IT that man PERFORMED! And I’m a screamer. Fuck what the neighbours thought that was the best sex I’ve had! In and out, slow and fast, loud, frenzy like sex! WHAT! I like it rough! If it were possible I think the condom would have caught fire! Wow. I was breathless! By the by he didn’t do all the work! There were some things I wanted to try out which I’d say made the whole experience even better! 
After repeat perfomances, time flew and I was getting late for the gig! i Jumped into the shower, still high and exhilarated but so excited at the same time! I like big men like that… and he’s big in all aspects tihihi…
He’d be my plus one for this party I was heading to. We bought more vodka along the way to take to the gig. I’m still high btw. We get there and it’s in full swing! You see, I was supposed to be there a lot earlier but because of my…delays, I got there abit late. Which was fine! As usual all the regular suspects were there plus some others I’ve never seen before. On the bar menu? Roast meat accompanied with Johnny walker red label, Infamous grouse, a very lethal cocktail diplomatic one concocted and various wines. I was on whiskeys that night! And the cocktail. Mmmmm. Walevi’s unite! I got more high! Judging from the photos I saw, my shirt was unbuttoned. I was up to no good! I dirty danced with people! Rugby guy included!  Grinding and groping (whoops!) And then I shut down some guy who cockblocked me last time, yeeeeeeeeeees, him! He wanted some of this. My response? “aaaaaaaaaawwwww heeeeeeelllll NO!” I’m abit brash when I’m high lol! More dancing and drinking later I was beat. And unbelievably naughty! I got the rugby guy and we went to “sleep”. We were supposed to go back to his place, passing through some bar buuuuuuuuuuut, we found ourselves in T’s room…..where more action happened. This time it was absolutely TANTRIC! WOOT! I didn’t even care about the neighbors I was in total bliss! It was so violently magical! In positions I’d never thought I’d pull off… 
And this guy’s so cool, he put me to bed very nicely… And blackout.

I woke up to snores and a big warm arm around me! I was Still drunk. I’ve no idea where the phone was! Oh well, back to sleep! I was enjoying the warmth hihi…

When I woke up finally, there was T who was awake, all I saw was spec d and two others blacked out! T and rugby guy got along really well, infact they watched true blood in bed the whole day! Rugby guy had a cold so I nursed him by giving him a flugone and piriton. See? I’m such a good fellow!  I made the guys tea and cereal. I’m very ummmmm, accommodating. I like making sure everyone’s alright. We sat down and watched what has to be the most hilarious comedy outta England, Little Britain. Priceless! Spent a good chunk of the day watching that, occasionally checking on rugby guy…

Went to big p’s to clean up and hear more stories! And to see photos! Mmmmhhhhmmmm I wasn’t the only one misbehaving! That was one brilliant weekend, everyone agrees! In the evening I had to head on home. He was still watching stuff with A, he was in good hands…

Who knew the singles club had brilliant no strings attached sex? i still have bruises! ;-)

Oh waaaaaaaaaaaiit, I forgot to mention something,  Someone appears to be adding ALL my friends! I told myself I wouldn’t be bothered, but really isn’t it a rude shock when your ex boyfriend’s new catch is adding all your friends on fakebook with a profile photo of them embracing each other? I was hurt for the best part of two minutes. Then I’m like, “whatever!” At least I’m civil. More spying was done on that profile, it’s quite evident that the two are dating! Reading comments and status updates… goodness could you “not” be more discrete? Okay i promise no more stalking. But he's just inserting his face all over the place honestly how daft do i have to be NOT to notice such a photo? You know what, they have my blessings. Yes, really, I can only hate to an extent and in the end, it doesn't really solve anything! I'm mature, civil and respectful. SO really, all the best for them! Me i had it with homodrama...
Once more, life continues… And I’m not letting such a skank from lord knows where ruin my pleasant mood! =)
Commenting on this month, It started off in a shit way, it has draaaaaaaaaaaagged more than a queen from SF on stag night but finally, it ended! Bring on September! 

|Yesterday-Toni Braxton|

Another day in my life

Yesterday, i'd gone to meet a friend i'd been talking to for the first time ever! He says he's straight and wanted to meet up just for a chat. So, i went to a coffee house smack in the middle of a mall (that company has such weird locations for their coffee houses). And then he came. He's quite good looking! He's tall, and quite muscular! In essence he's my type. But he's "straight". I'm cool with that, this wasn't a date. Just making a new friend!
He's almost 3 years younger than me, actually he's right about to finish high school (shocking) and he's that big! He's absolutely talkative! Somewhere along our meeting, this hooooooooot lady comes to say hi. My ghetto friend would say "huyo dame ni mmmmffffffyyyyneee!!!". This lady is called Lindsay. She's funny!
Back to this fellow. He's very, flamboyant. He drives his fathers cars. One of them being a personal favourite of mine, a range rover sport! He was actually looking at another one (yes he dragged us to a dealership).
I was actually running errands that day, thats how he got into the mix. He'd called when i left the house.
He accompanied me the rest of the day. Interesting.

Banaaaaaaaaaage!!! (thats what my Ugandan friend says when starting a story) In westlands near a certain mall, i ran into the very last person i wanted to see, a most unexpected one. Wanna guess? Here's a hint! He broke my heart when i found out he was sleeping with women! YES! I ran into superman. In my head i was panicking! Outside i was calm like the ye of a hurricane.
"hey cuppatea, how're you today?" He said, we hugged each other.
"OMG AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! WHY ME LORD OF ALL DAYS!!" said me in my head. Externally i was like "hellew superman, fancy meeting you here".
He was talking to some people in a scoobie (subaru) And it was a very quick 2 min chat. Mind you this friend of mine was waiting right, and was looking at us like "WTF". Superman dismissed me. Yes, Dismissed. "okay i gotta go now bye" he said. Ouch. "stay in touch" said he. I explained to my friend how that was my most immediate ex boyfriend. "oh cool, don't worry shit happens". he said. "yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. right". Life moved on. I felt abit bad after that but i just threw out those awful thoughts. And that, my dears, is how NOT to run into your ex!

Then we met his mother. Cuppatea nearly burst out laughing but kept a very straight face. This young man's mother was so firm on him about ABCD... it was priceless! This is what reminded me that he was younger than me. "Shouldn't you be reading etc etc etc" she lectured him... soft but powerful. After she was done with him we chilled abit chatting. Naturally i made fun of him. "but she thinks your my age!" he said. Lord, i'm almost 21 and i still look 18! Priceless! I had to leave now, it was about to rain + traffic on this day would be chaotic because of the next day's national celebration. Basically,Thursday was like Friday. Everyone going out. Well, another fascinating friend made. I went home afterward, not before buying noodles at a convenience store. Lately i must have chowed down like 12 packets! They're yummy... And then he calls me. This friend. He needs a name. Ill think up of one. He's quite peculiar...

To cap such a nice day off, guess what happened? Fakebook recommended a friend to me. This is why i dislike social networking (and i'm trapped in it). This person it was tryna recommend was none other than superman's new catch. Complete with that photo of them hugging each other. Oh crap. My next action?
And then on chat some Bisexual character is trying to get me to date him and have him do me! aaaaaahahahah!! What a joker. I commend him for trying though, even though i repeated "currently in hate with the male species" like 5 times! On that topic i'm trying as much as possible to reduce my hate for men less. Not working too well...  aaaaah life....

|Heartbox-Christophe Willem|

Promulgation day Kenya

Pres.Mwai Kibaki ushers in the new consititution of Kenya (photo: reuters)
My great country changed to a new legislation! I'm so happy for this land of mine and her people! we've come from far indeed. Aside Sudan's wanted President Bashir gatecrashing making a suprise appearance, many other heads of state (mainly African) came! Even Col. Gadaffi came to aid us celebrate. things like some seal which was last used in 1963 came, a 21 gun salute performed for the first time since our 1st president died, tanks and a huge euphoric crowd were seen! Promulgation day. A new start for Kenya indeed... and i was part of it! Yaey! Cheers to a new Kenya!

ray of hope



This post is about hope. Hope is defined by www.dictionary.com as:

1. the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best: to give up hope.
2. a particular instance of this feeling: the hope of winning.
3. grounds for this feeling in a particular instance: There is little or no hope of his recovery.
4. a person or thing in which expectations are centered: The medicine was her last hope.
5. something that is hoped for: Her forgiveness is my constant hope.
–verb (used with object)
6. to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence.
7. to believe, desire, or trust: I hope that my work will be satisfactory.
–verb (used without object)
8. to feel that something desired may happen: We hope for an early spring.
9. Archaic . to place trust; rely (usually fol. by in ). 
Yes yes yes, i know i've been a sordid wet blanket with all my moods lately. Shit happens! But recently on the phone, i discovered this site which i bookmarked and TOTALLY forgot about called givesmehope right, and then i clicked on it. All these stories about people's selflessness, generosity and care were there, from the funny ones to the downright tearful but inspiring ones. It's really worth a read, if you need a glimmer of hope, i recommend this site! 

An example, you ask? Here's one that really touched me.
"A few years ago, I was waiting at the cinema to go on a date with a boy I really liked .

When I realized I'd been stood up, I started to cry.

A typical gangster-type from my school saw me. He took me to the movie instead.

To that boy, thank you. You GMH"
Lord knows i got hope from this site...

|Thank you-Alanis Morissette|

drunk tweeting shows true thoughts. Whoops!

drunkeness @ twitter
I went out after meeting my girlfriends for coffee! I needed to go out and party abit, especially before school resumes! So i met up with T, spec d and  the singer and another lovely lady whom we'll call miss sunshine. We got drunk! And went to that place that should never be spoken of that has AWFUL colours on Kimathi street! There's tuskers, me, a phone, and then there's twitter. Twitter and a drunk me.What am i like when i drunk tweet? Its like drunk texting, but worse! you've got a wiiiiiide audience!!! these are but a sample of what went down:

#Sambuca's an accelerant! Ttyl tweeps, tomorrow boothas day!s not highii

#Crap i'mroot high!

#Waggigu i mean not high!

#Gigdust! I offedan meean, high! Dam t9. Me 4 waot club bed NOw! I hate men the end! How dare you play me!!! I HATE YOU!!!

 #Shit see you tomorrow! Duhduly i'm not sober.
done. T's taking awayp my phone. Ttyl

#Good morning! Hangovered. mobile web


p.s i feel so much better after typing this! yaey me!

And i continue...

Hellew… i'm alive! Have y'all been good?

i know i've been away for a while, Its been a difficult few weeks. Before I start, yes I’m doing this. As much as superman was an arse, he was still very close and dear to me. Which is why I’ve been off social networks or blogger, I just have had no aptitude for chatting on fakebook or twizzer. Bleh. Iv’ve not even cried! No tears. The feeling of nearly bursting into tears was a regular occurrence though. The solution? Sit it out! worked in primary school, works today.

I’ve been up to a few things, like discovering how cinnamon goes really well with milk mixed with sugar, I bought a book (deception point by Dan Brown), I went for a poetry gig with the family and somehow had fun, I bought myself a new tea mug, I went back to campus, I got a refurb laptop the day I left superman that’s actually a hoot to use despite its square screen, ummm I shopped, and watched a whole lot of series and movies, been on a roller coaster that are my moods… that’s a summary. Ish. What does Ugly Betty have to do with this post? read on...
I wont lie, I’ve had my ups and downs. There were days when I hoped he’d come back. Nothing. The fact that he never tried to get me back just tells you something innit? There were days I felt happy, like life’s moving on, then there were days things were bad ass… so bad I wanted to run back to him! But, I’d remember why I walked out. Sometimes the days would just drag by. No sense of time or direction… some would move briskly I’s just be left dazed… Mishaps were there, like when when I recovered the backed up photos, and moved them into this not so new lappie, I saw some  photos. Superman and i. Looking happy and full of life. Especially one of us hugging each other. Once more, I was on the verge of tears. Didn’t cry though.  What bullshit, I wish I had crystal ball to tell me the future… I felt so terrible. I deleted them. After like, undeleting and re-deleting them again 5 times.  Shift+Delete. Permanently!
My friends tried to help. I appreciate that. But it reaches a point where you don’t wanna hear shit about how talking about it helps. How does it help when you’re busy telling me how in love you are with your boyfriends? It hurts. I didn’t wanna talk about it but they always insisted. Revisiting that lane wasn’t cool. I don’t think that word “hurt” is valid in some people’s dictionaries. They’re like Tyra Banks on her talk shows really. “I’ve never experienced that but I know what you’re feeling right? *insert blonde laugh*”. Sometimes I don’t understand my friends. I’m not going to apologize for the mood swings that have been there because of them. There’s a day I was this close to just walking out. I didn’t. Because i'm good like that...
Friday coffees have been a rumor. I understand they’re busy but that wasn’t the case until recently. I hate it that my coffee Fridays are being cancelled! I swear if I have to sit on my own and sip that latte I will! I refuse to let it die!!! Its not only coffee Fridays that are being cancelled, ever got the feeling that some people are avoiding you? Yes there was a big dark cloud over my head and I may not have been the happiest person around. But still, really? I’ve gotten used to hanging out alone. More to be explained later. Then they insisted on talking to me about the break up. Oh heeeeeeeeeell no!!! I never wanted to visit that lane. But they insisted. I’m not sorry for shutting them out, I will not tolerate hurt again especially since i’ve been getting myself back to normal! Some actually helped! The rest were just unbelievably insensitive. Sometimes I get this feeling wanting to throw things around, break stuff, scream even! But I couldn’t. Something totally unrelated would just come and remind me of him and I get so so mad! I just sat and hugged myself. I have never ever felt that bad over a person. Which brings me to my next point.

I HATE MEN!!! As far as im concerned I’m a third gender! I’m so annoyed with myself and men, I just can’t stand them! Ah! I’m told this is natural to feel like this. So it’s a temporary feeling. I think. There’s times I feel naughty and spontaneous, like I could go engage in naughty RESPONSIBLE sexual behavior and then after abit the feeling goes. What’s up with that???  Being single again has reminded me that some guys are pure ASSWIPES! From poor quality loo paper at that!! Some have reeeeeeeally pressured me to meet them up for coffee or something of the sort then they don’t turn up or they keep quiet (its called forgetting apparently). They wanted me when I was someone’s boyfriend. Now I’m single again. They’ve mysteriously vanished. The theorem about men liking what they can’t have is SO TRUE! I’m not going on a date anytime soon, nor will I chase people around. I don’t beg. Ever. You’ll come to me, because quite frankly I’m tired of “chasing around”. At age 20. No really you think you’re hot and that I’m going to come running after you? Think again loosers!

You know the sad thing about all of this, Superman seems okay. He hasn’t messaged me, called me, anything. Anyway i’ve got nothing to hold on to that reminds me of him. Well, he never got me a gift so yaey me im not setting anything ablaze. The only thing that got me moving on was the fact that he never tried to get me back…

Now for some positivity, yes?
Marc and Amanda

Sex and the city 2 was so worth it! I liked the music so much I had to get the soundtrack.  I watched Ugly Betty season 3 and 4. Season 3 was just… like my life renacted. Hilda had a fling with a married man! That reminds me of me and superman. Except I didn’t back off. LESSON LEARNED! When a guy who’s in a relationship approaches me, I swear imma back off no matter how bad the situation is with him! TRUE STORY! I wish I watched that season before he and I got into that relationship. But it made me laugh. I love Amanda and Mark. They’re so hilarious! They're my favourite characters in that show! Especially Amanda, she's so pleasantly evil and naughty, Marc's just funny! Watching things gets my mind off things…

 I sold my smartphone, my classmate coaxed me into selling it to him. So currently I’m using my dumbass music phone with no multitasking whatsoever. I did go garment shopping though. I got my bright coloured boxers! YES! Now its just pants and shoes.  Every month I’ll try to buy one garment.  Note the word try.
Listening to music helped. I found a track by Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis called “Love is Your Colour.” Fabulous, powerful song! True colours by Phil Collins, Almost doesn’t count and Have you ever by Brandy, and lord knows how many other songs were played on heavy rotation. Especially sitting on the moon by Enigma. Powerful music. Discovered a few like Lights. She’s awesome. I also like circular symmetry by ATB. Chill out trance. Also known as ambient music. Not noisy, just instrumental and flowing. Relaxed.
I’m back in campus. My holiday was short but it’s great to be back in school. 14-16 weeks of books and lectures and the usual dramas that happen in campus. There’s not much eye candy though. Yawn. I skived class this week because no one goes on the first week! And I’m not feeling guilty about it. Next week’s gonna be heeeeeeeeeeell!

While I was away I was reading other blogs. Miz Cassandrae included. Isn’t my writing style dull compared to hers? She’s crazy!!! And hilarious! Keep it up girl... I’m quite happy that Lindsay got her story in the papers! Kenya really needs to be educated… hopefully they’ll stop looking down at people just because they’re different. Besides, as a friend of mine once told me in ghetto swahili, "huyo dame ni mmmmfffynnnee!!!" :) you would never know...

I got the thinkpad. Yeah its not the newest thing but it works, and it has a rating of 3.5 on the index score which puts many new ones to shame! Pleased? Yes.  He’s called the big black guy. He can’t fit in my bags! I need a new bag that can ferry him around nicely…along with my books, lunch, water, stationery and other hoo-haas…

Finally, this is the 28th post. I need to publish it. I’ve had so many drafts! Some were so depressing they’d qualify for saddest post of the year 2010. Super sad posts aren’t classy. Its not fun staring at a blinking cursor. Blink. Blink. Blink. So, Watch me press that button, i'm moving on...

|where are you, i'm sitting on the moon------>Sitting on the moon-Enigma|

No more

Superman's gone.
I left him today. He didn't see it coming.
I feel like complete shit right now, I'm so disappointed with myself and life...
Nothing ever seems to work out right for me when it comes to relationships.
And today would've been our 5 month anniversary. He really looked crushed, no amount of words can describe how he looked.
I feel like someone's died suddenly! I feel hurt inside. I feel like i've let myself down, like i've made the biggest mistake ever...
But, i couldn't deal with the hurt no more. Infact i've just seen your comments, i was two steps ahead already.
So why do i feel so terrible?
I'm so hopeless for my future right now, i've no appetite for food, or company (poor small p and m had to endure my long face today). Writing this has taken me a record 2 hours. I kept deleting things.
He respects my decision though. Time heals all wounds, they say.
The question is, how long will this one take?

I'll take a break from posting for a while. Be good.

|Lets just kiss, and say goodbye-The Manhattans|

So refurb laptop. You know, i thought of importing one but it would've taken lots more resources + now's not the best time to be doing imports into the country with all this referendumness going on...
So, i went, looked around and found like 3 i liked.

IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T60
 I confess, a Thinkpad was the first laptop i ever played with at the tender age of 8 years. I liked it! It looked clean. I found a T60 and its in good condition. Has everything, and its very minimalist looking. "the E-class Mercedes of laptops" people say. I agree. It even has a fingerprint reader for great security, and that magnesium alloy casing.... It's still preeeeety useful.

Dell Latitude D420
I've also considered this. It's so small! Like little blue guy but abit bigger. 12 inch screen. 1.6kgs. No optical drive though. But it comes with an external one. Made outta plastic and magnesium alloy. Same price with the thinkpad. It would be highly useful but i'm worried about the screen, graphics and hard drive. its a 1.8inch hard drive like in the ipod classic, which is abit hard to find in Kenya. Also, the screen dies out! My classmate has a top spec D620 but the screens lights have blacked out. Those LEDs that light up the screen blacked out one by one! Expensive to fix! But it's fantastic so i've read. 5 hour battery.

Hp Compaq NC4400
1024x768 resolution??? who uses that in 2010? i like alot of real estate in my screen! It's a few pixels wider than little blue guy was. BUT, it does have a good processor, decent hard drive, and is well built with a compact size. and a 5 hour battery. But that screen resolution.... i can live with it but really, this is only an option if the above aren't around.

Next week we'll know what ill be using for the next few years....

Out with the old, in with the new

I'm truly happy that Kenyans have voted YES! for the proposed constitution! 
It's high time we had change that will better the people, governance and economy of this great nation of mine!
Hopefully those robbers we call politicians old school, narrow minded, shallow politicians will step down and let real people with a passion for developing this country step in!

 The IIEC did a good job with the voting process, the poll i went to in my residential area, voting took only 6 minutes! yes, i was counting. The only ish i had was queuing in a line for about an hour and a half, because of the large population of the area. Who cares, it was fun! Blondie and Chubaka were with me.

Best of all, it was totally peaceful! No violence. THANK GOD!

Time for a new day in Kenya.

|That annoying Eric Wanaina Song about peace from 2007 (Daima?)-Eric Wanaina|


The conversation has begun.
I woke on Monday morning definitely NOT feeling like P-diddy!
On this day, there would be that peaceful demonstration for peaceful voting in this nice country of mine, i met superman aaaaand thats about it. The conversation continues.

I'd told superman about the planned demonstration, we hadn't seen each other in like 3 weeks, and this demo would be a fun date! He was game for it... The demonstration wouldn't last long, just an hour long because the Kenya police are rather strict with these things... Anyway, i went to the CBD, the demo would be on a high street. popular one with tourists and the youth at large, as well as businessmen. 
So at this demo i made friends! New ones. And met some old ones too! Eccentric y and her man were there! We would be blowing bubbles and yelling "vote for peace!" It was loads of fun! After an hour it came to an end. It's interesting, that was my first public demonstration. Naturally, my other friends were worried, because half the time demos turn violent and theres cops and teargas! I had good shoes for running. Luckily, it was very peaceful. 
Superman came after. He did tell me that he was coming late (after i got into the city) so i demonstrated without him. Needless to say, i had fun without him! The conversation continues.

He appeared. When i see this guy, i forget everything. My heart skips a beat. Don't ask me why. how does someone so handsome be so heartbreaking? It's not fair. We sat somewhere and caught up... Talked about all sorts of things.. Including why he didn't come for poetry. Wait for it..........He was hangovered.
I know right? I've woken up drunk to go see him and he, with a hangover couldn't come see me? wow. 
Naturally he knows i'm upset with him. The conversation continued. 

Somehow when we talk we always end up being open with each other. The topic was on girls now. Somehow it lead to sex. And there, he said he last had sex with a girl 2 months ago. I like how i'm typing that with this calm aura. To be honest i didn't react, i was like "oh." and the conversation continued.
I wasn't paying attention, i was looking at this man infront of me talking but in my head i was like "thats why he's not sleeping with me". He sleeps with women. I've known he's bisexual but he never ever mentioned that he still sleeps with women!!! Moreso when we're in this... institution. Two years ago this would have been the perfect situation! But now.... I checked back into reality. And the conversation continued.

He took me to meet a friend of his and proudly introduced me as his boyfriend. I was all positive as i normally appear! yada yada yada we talked. Then it was time for me to head home! We talked about.... honestly i can't remember. The conversation continued. 
At his bus stop. I bid him goodbye. The conversation continued. In my head now.

In that matatu all i was thinking was "i need to stop". Stop what, you ask? 

"You'll know soon." Indeed you will. 

i hope.

The conversation has ended.

|Why can’t you see it
There is a light that brightly shines inside your head --------->Brightly shines-Eiffel 65|

Starting August

So i definitely attended that dinner gig of big p's! As in reeeeeeally glad i went for it! Why?
When i got there i announced that "i solemnly swear that i'm up to no good this evening". I was tired of superman making me feel woeful, so i told myself on the way there, that "we're gonna have fun regardless". In the matatu the conductor was giving me weird looks because i was head banging to ATB's "could you believe track", hey don't blame  me for tryna get my party mood up, it was that or the Gregorian music.
Anyway, i got there and helped arrange the furniture to make space for a dance floor-oh oh! This just wasn't dinner it seems... To warm ourselves up we had this interesting Ugandan gin called waragi (wah-rah-jee) Thats actually really smooth down the throat! We cleared that bottle in 2 hours. Just as soon as the guests started arriving. The usual suspects were there + a few others. In this little party of ours, i got drunk, blacked out, woke up and got drunk again! It was epic! i was mostly on gin, (tanquaray), whiskeys that included the now infamous grouse (again), some lethal cocktail that i suspect was the drink that knocked me out and enough wine! But mostly gin. Gin looks like water. A had brought me a few glasses when i was being the DJ. And someone was like "juuuuuuuuuuust drink it, its not gin its water!" Ofcourse it was. All in all, 
more like "infamous grouse! (photo credit: flickr.com)
It was quite clean, no sexual encounters or people being thrown out... just all dance and drink make merry stuff! 
Now, during my stages of being high, i did it again. Drunk texts ahoy! First of all, if you read this and you have my number, sorry. Evidently, my phone needs to be kept away from me! FAR AWAY! Because high cuppatea sent superman two texts. I remember sending the first one, infact there i was tipsy. I told him i was mad at him for not making it for the poetry thing, actually in that text i think i was yelling. Wait i look at my outbox---yes i was. Oooops! I did say i loved him anyway. (where did that come from?) He replied to say he feels bad that he missed it and let me down etc etc, he loves me. Sure. And theeeeen, At 2am another text went to him, i dont remember typing this one, something about how i love him (its barely interpretable) and that he's not worth something, keep it a secret and LOL. Yeah needless to say that doesn't sound like me... no reply to that. la di dah, partied on! Oh, i saw all this the next morning when i woke up at A & T's. 
Looking at the phone there were soooooo many photos, especially of me and this guy i didn't quite like but as always, drunk me is such a darling im always nice to people! dancing photos, drinking photos, food photos etc.
I forgot to mention, i drunk blogged. Yes, i have that email feature for blogger turned on, and my blogging address isn't difficult for me to remember. If you were reading Saturday night/Sunday morning, you might have seen it. To save face i deleted it. Though it's still available. looking at it now actually. 8 glasses of gin? Wow i'm a certified drunk innit....
Now, in attempt to be abit naughty, i was willing to like, get down and naughty with whoever wanted to that night. Nothing happened! It's like there was a giant sticker written "SOMEONE"S BOYFRIEND". Whoever said its easy to be unfaithful LIED! No guy touched me. And they were all mildly good looking. This was my first time trying to be naughty! I think that was God's way of keeping me faithful. I feel offended though! So not only is my boyfriend NOT touching me, but other guys too... Brilliant. Why did i feel naughty that evening? Read this blog and go to August last year. Or was it late July? I've hit a year sexless (yaey me.) and i just felt like i needed fun, thrill. Okay stop looking at me reproachfully now, i've learned my lesson.
The hangover the next day required painkillers. And lots of water. And food! I woke up at like 10am. Everyone else an hour later. We then proceeded to go back to big p's to "clean up". Clean up means trying to clean up people's messes. Or finish whatever alchohol's left. And clearly there was still loads! Beers had been bought just for me and the bottles needed to go back the next day. I hadn't touched them the previous night. Need i say more? It was entertaining to hear my friends tell their stories of the night... by late afternoon, two people blacked out (again) and the house was clean... I went home abit tipsy. 4 beers don't have that much effect on me.

At home. Sunday evening. " I saw your update about being hangover, it made me laugh" said Thatcher. SHIT! I totally forgot she's my friend on facebook. Whoops! i let that story die. I was not in the mood to land in a argument with her. Again. Besides she should know by now, i'm an adult. Last borns are never seen that way, true story. Blondie made fab chicken! Perrrfect. I was still tipsy. Thatcher then put this movie called "my sister's keeper". You know, Cameron Diaz can act reeeeeally well! After that bleh movie Knight and Day, This was much better, If not abit toooo sad! Powerful. I went to sleep after. I was tired and i just wanted to sleep everything away....

Which i did.

That little dinner party taught me lots and helped me release whatever pent up stress i had! I definitely had fun.

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