Walls are good for doors


There’s couples all around me, and just around the corner there’s one very bored cuppatea hiding! To be explained later on.

Meanwhile, do you remember the guy that flirted with me in the matatu? Well, i went to his place, but not alone, i had a friend with me. We walked to his place seeing as he lives around me. But this time, he had an entirely different tune! “so have you seen any hot girls lately?” he asks me. You’d imagine my friend and i had blank looks! I’d told him how the guy wanted to be introduced hence he should come but now the man starts talking about women! Really? After our visit, we concluded that he is most likely confused. He’s got Walls. Because despite us talking about relatively gay things deliberately he didn’t mind, he actually sounded interested. I think he was nervous too. I want to leave it alone but something’s telling me i should just try and help him but there’s just always so much drama involved and i’m not up for that…

There was a “meeting” with a guy on Friday evening, that went quite well i must say. I was introduced to him by another friend. However what are these walls men have? I seem to be stumbling upon them lately. It’s the first time in a long while i’ve spent over an hour, with a guy, over coffee! That’s good right? He had my attention the whole time. I remember a while back i was on another “meeting” with some fellow and all that was running in my head was “oh my goodness why am i here again?” My mind was clear with this one. They’re quite older than i am. I notice men my age or thereabout aren’t quite attracted to me. I think it’s because of the way i dress, or the way i hold conversation (they couldn’t answer some simple questions, like the highlight of a trip they took) or the way i called someone “dimensionally handicapped” last night at this birthday get together i was invited for, so that just might have made me look like a bitch! Just a bit. Should i scale these walls and find a door?

So this birthday thing. I was invited after procrastinating my visit to see the host because of sooooo many things like lack of time or him being abroad and the like. His friend was having a birthday. Cuppatea was brought up with the aspect of time keeping. Being late really agitates me! It was to start at 7pm. I was there at 8pm. There was this random storm that caught Nairobi unaware Saturday evening so as usual drivers decide “oh no it raining i’m going to drive like a mad person eeeeeeeeek!!!!” I get there and i’m the first guest! Imagine that! The second guests arrive. A couple. And the third. Also a couple. And the fourth. A couple too. The fifth? Wow another couple! “what is this, couples night?” i ask myself. The host tells me that they’d gone on a day trip and most of them are in relationships. Luckily, the 2nd guests were rather delightful to talk to!

Sometime that evening, this man comes (and he just called wondering where i’d gone off to at the time of writing this) with his boyfriend. DUCK! Right i didn’t hide but i greeted him and kept my distance that evening. I didn’t want homodrama happening again. It’s apparently the in thing to be insecure about boyfriends and call every Tom, Dick, Harry and Cuppatea (all these months later, still! Foolish rumour-mongers) boyfriend stealers. Later one of the friends says everyone should find a man whether boyfriend or not and dance to a song. By this time i was tired (around 2am) and i DID NOT want to dance. So i went behind a door and watched/played with cell phone. This is anti-social behaviour according to you the reader. But to me, it was strategy. Hell no was i about to dance with some random shady person! I was about to leave with the 2nd couple anyway. I thanked the host for having me and i was dropped at a fuel station where cabs were. “JAMBO!” the cab driver goes. “eish boss, i’m Kenyan. Apologize and greet me properly!” The man laugh and says “niaje.” Much better. Still got charged an arm and a leg though. By the by, i had only two glasses of Gin and Krest! I’m getting old.

I choose to take everything as it comes, less worry and more life! Let’s see what this week, the end of this month of June, has in store for me.

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It’s the little things…



I wonder why Google felt it was appropriate to put a rainbow around the search button when someone searches the term “gay”. It’s very nice though! =D

My most played song…


…Is sung by a musician called Brandon Flowers. He also plays lead vocal for the band The Killers. My favourite song of his from his solo album “Flamingo”, is called “only the young”. From the very first time i heard this track i totally fell in love with it! It’s to me a choleric track. My iTunes tells me that i’ve played his song 81 times! I can’t ever get tired of it, for me, it’s an instant classic!

Today’s his birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON FLOWERS!!! You’re legendary…




I decided that the blog should get a new look! Last years layout, though classy and all web 2.0 like, wasn’t an accurate reflection of the author. So here’s one bright coloured theme that many of you would say suits me! It reminds me of the original. it even has a RAINBOW! Open-mouthed smile Ahahaha! Gay Pride INDEED! I should say that this is a personal blog, so the posting styles vary. You might notice some posts are really moody, others are happy. I’ll try my best to balance one mood when writing. What do you think? The tweet button’s gone! If convinced ill put one. But my tweets are boring, as someone pointed out i tweet about tea, school, home and that’s about it!

Right seriously though i’ve been quite busy with this thing called education. I finished my professional exams (which i’ve put on hold until 2013) but now i have presentations, more continuous assessments and assignments. I’ve been indoors this entire month and it feels weird not being out with people, moreso being SOBER! I’ve been clean for a while, despite saying that after my professional papers i’ll go and “chafua” (get dirty). Yeah that’s not going to happen…people lost psyche and or they’re unavailable. There’s the safari rally today and i’m not there! Shocking. There’s next time. I’ll do my best to be there. The feeling of missing out can be compared to that of a 4th grade student in lunch time detention watching his classmates play from the window!

Yes June is a quiet month it seems. A little too quiet for my liking but at least there’s peace! And a new Katy Perry video that has Kenny G, the Hanson Rebecca Black! I like the 80s theme…

Up to mid-June in 5 minutes.


Barely midway into the month and so far:

  • I’ve been hit on in a matatu by some random guy from another university! Though he’s not interested in me, he’s interested in my friends. Snap. At least he took my number?
  • Men even leave me hanging. Guess what, i’ve let go! They think i’m going to chase them with calls and texts. Oh they’re so wrong…
  • Sweater shopping was the most un-radical shopping experience yet! There just wasn’t any selling zeal by the sellers! And what the hell, it’s not that cold yet and they cost that much? oh hell!
  • Still on fashion, if looks could kill i’d be long dead, i didn’t know that male fashionistas (you know, the super tight, skinny jean rocking, 3 button shirt kind) could hate like that. At a store opening/fashion show an acquaintance gave me such a withering look, like i was dirt! Jesus even the bouncer was shocked! I was in khakis and a polo shirt with flip flops, in the VIP section. I didn’t go back when they were re-arranging the sitting arrangements, lest fashion cop was called to take photographs of me looking “tragic”.
  • When you finish an exam which people never finish, 20 minutes before time, there’s a problem. The problem? Some of those topics, though covered, were so confusing i picked the answer randomly using the “inky pinky” method.
  • Dormans coffee house never ever have lemon tarts when i want them! Come on! What’s the point of having it on the menu when it’s never there?
  • “on beauty” by Zadie Smith for ksh50 on the streets! Hawkers sometimes are a blessing.
  • 3 hours. The time it took to write this. Which i’ll never get back mind you. The amount of work i have and then here i am writing about silly experiences!

My life needs cayenne or pepper.

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