Of Fitness and Observations


So I’ve been inspired by the host of this blog right here to try out something for fitness. So last week I tried out two fitness activities – the gym and aerobics.

Here are some of my observations from both activities

The gym
I believe all gym peeps are either latent at best or very active narcissists! Seriously here’s why:
First of the gym has like mirrors all over the place, looking at yourself in the mirrors is an integral part of most gym exercises. It doesn’t matter what exercise you are doing – looking at yourself in the mirror is supposed to enhance it. Yes, looking at yourself in the mirror is part of the exercise! Even when you are lifting weights, you lift weights (or in the case of some – just the metal bar bila any weights J) while looking at the mirrors. 

Then when you do the dumbells thingy – that’s when you lift one weight in each hand and raise it from your waist to your shoulders - some guys like kiss their biceps with each lift. I was like hatakama! And you can also do that while looking at the mirror! 

On the flip side though if buff and sweaty is your kind of thing then you’ve get eye candy as Xtra motivation to stay disciplined to start and keep going to the gym!

Aerobics –
Now this was interesting. First there is music J that’s always a plus! Then there is movement that is very close to dancing so that’s a double plus!!

 This was actually quite fun, so much fun in fact that I had to keep focused because I almost started dancing to the music and missing whatever the aerobics instructor was doing! 

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